Top Tips to Help Your Relationship Grow

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re in the initial stages of your relationship growing, you want to help it along the way. No relationship will ever be argument free and perfect, but you need to know how to deal with some of these situations. Here are some tips to help your relationship grow and succeed.

Be Open and Specific

Share your wants and dreams with your partner right away. It’s better to be open and very specific about it at the start, instead of finding out years down the line that it is something you can’t compromise on.

That just leads to heartbreak and resentment. Don’t worry about him not wanting to join you on the plans. If he doesn’t then he isn’t the right guy for you.


Don’t Let the Conflicts Build

There will be difficult times and you will have arguments. The trick is not to let them build in the background. You need to address them, talk about them and then you can move on.

If you let the conflict build, you will start to resent each other. He may not even realise that there is a problem until it is too late to fix it.

Be Flexible

There are times that your plans won’t go quite as you wanted. You may have to make compromises along the way, for whatever reason. If you want that relationship to grow, you need to remain flexible.

Yes, you want a specific dream but it can take a little longer to get there because something else happens in your life. It doesn’t mean you have to give up entirely, just that you have to re-plan and think again.


Enjoy Your Bedroom Activities

Relationships can become stagnant, especially in the bedroom. You need to enjoy the time that you spend together sexually.

Find out what you both like together and then enjoy it. Don’t hold back for fear of what he thinks. He’ll love that you’re wanting more and you enjoy being with him in all ways.

Avoid Getting Complacent

Another reason relationships get stagnant is because of complacency. This can also lead to affairs and breakups. You don’t want to get complacent at any time in your relationship.

If you find that it happens, mix things up a bit. Surprising him when he gets home from work with something that you don’t usually do, or a passionate night in.


Don’t Let Children Separate You

Children are good at pitting one parent against the other. If you’ve gotten to the stage of having children, you need to work together in the parenting.

Not doing this just leads to resentment as one parent gives in all the time and the other is left to disciplining. If you’re not sure where you stand on parenting, talk to each other and come to an agreement on how you handle the children.

Keep Talking and Listening

Listening is a major issue for divorce or breakups, so you want to keep doing it. Part of this is complacency, but another part is the judgmental thoughts that come with the listening.

You want to remain open with each other throughout your relationship and have empathy.

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