6 Things You Can’t Forget When Wedding Planning

When you’re wedding planning, there are high chances that you want everything to be perfect. The problem is you’re only human and things are forgotten about now and then. However, there are certain things that you really shouldn’t forget during your wedding planning. Here are some of those things that you need to make sure you include somewhere.

The Guestbook and Some Pens!

It’s really easy to overlook this, but you’ll only regret it. The guestbook is a chance for your guests to write messages that you can read years after your big day. There are different ideas that you could do for this. A simple book with plenty of space for people to write messages is fine, but you may want to put a photo collage together for people to write around. Whatever you do, remember the pens too!

The Thank You Gifts

There are people who will play an important part in your day. These often include your bridesmaids, the groomsmen and your parents. There will be others who are more personal to you.

Remember to say thank you publically to them all and give them gifts for being part of your big day. You don’t need anything overly expensive, a box of chocolates or bottle of wine are perfect for this.

The Wedding Favours

Your guests will also likely want to know you appreciate them turning up, which means wedding favours. There are so many different ideas for wedding favours and it will depend on your budget.

Having a small bag of sugar-coated sweets is perfect, or you may want something personalized if you have a bigger budget. Whatever you do, don’t forget to hand them out on the day!

The Bridal Emergency Kit

A stray hair, smudged makeup or even a torn hem…all of these are possibilities on the day and can wreak havoc. Instead of panicking about them, prepare for the chances of them happening. Have a bridal emergency kit and ask your bridesmaids to be there on hand should something go wrong. You don’t need much, just some hair grips, sewing materials and tissues are often enough.

All the Legal Documentation

It’s so easy to get caught up in the planning of the decorations and food that you forget about the legal documentation. Find out what you need with you and when you need to send everything off by.

If you’re getting married abroad, it is worth talking to the national embassy to find out the proper protocol and when you need to do everything by. It avoids disappointment on the day.

The Place Cards!

Now you know where everyone is sitting, but do they? You need to make sure you get the place cards in place and then print off your table plan so people can check it before they go in for their meal.

This can take some planning and you may be reorganizing it just before the day, but just don’t forget to have it there!

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