How To Pick Your Wedding Colors

A wedding is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. When a woman was a little girl, she had her perfect dream wedding as an image in her mind, and the time has finally come to make that dream a reality. The colors of the wedding are important, and a woman may need to follow a few steps to make sure she picks the right wedding colors.

Start With the Favorite Color:

The bride may have a favorite color, but she might be worried that the color might not be appropriate for a wedding.

However, every color has different variations of it, and surely one of them will be just fine for the big day.



Consider Where The Wedding Will Be Held:

In this day and age, a wedding can take place pretty much anywhere. If the wedding is held in a hotel, or even outside, the location should be considered and looked over.

That shade of blue might be beautiful, but what if the building is older and everything is dark? The last thing a woman wants is for her favorite color to clash with dark drapes, carpet, or furniture.

Choose Two Colors:

If the wedding is to take place in a church, and then the reception is at a hall, this is the chance to use to favorite colors.

A color that is soft can be used in the church, and the brighter color can be used for the reception.



Think of the Season:

The time of year is also going to play a role when it comes to choosing wedding colors.

If the wedding takes place in winter, than the colors can be darker like red, dark blue, or even a gold color, but for a spring wedding, the colors are usually lighter or pastel.

The Dresses For The Bridesmaids:

The colors chosen are also going to be the colors that the best man wears on his tux, and the color that the bridesmaids’ dresses will be made out of.

The last thing a bride wants is for her bridesmaids to be wearing a terrible color that they are not happy in.



Decorating For the Reception:

The wedding colors will also be used in the decorations for the wedding reception. The reception hall should not be covered in the two colors, but used in a way that is tasteful.

If a woman chooses pink, then not everything in the hall has to be covered in pink, but the pink can be used together with white so it is not too bright or overwhelming to the guests.

The Wedding Cake:

Traditionally, a wedding cake is white. However, in more modern times, the wedding colors are incorporated into the cake.

To make the cake look nice, the cake should be white, but small touches can be used with the wedding colors like the border or even small flowers.

A cake that is made entirely out of the wedding colors might not look very good, and no one is going to want to try a slice of the cake.

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