What Should You Include On Your Wedding Invitations?

It’s time to sort out your wedding invitations. You have the design and the style, now it is time for the wording. But what do you really need to include on your invites. Remember, these are for your guests to know when and where your wedding is, along with who is invited. Here is some of the information you must include.

The Date and Time of the Wedding

You need to make it clear when your wedding is going to take place. You will also need to make it clear which part of the wedding your guests are invited to.

You may decide on an afternoon wedding to cut down the commotion but you may also have a handful of people invited to the wedding breakfast and save the evening do for everyone else. The choice is up to you but make it clear!


The Venue for the Wedding

Where is the wedding going to take place? Will it be in a church and then another venue? This is something that your guests need to know.

It gives them an idea of whether they can get their by taxi or they need to take their own car. If it is in a different city or country, it also makes it clear if they need to book a hotel.

Is Everyone Invited?

Your guests may have partners and family. You need to make it clear if they are invited or not—especially if they are not.

One way of doing it is by adding the names of those who are invited, or a +1 if you don’t know the partners’ names.

You could also just put “and family” to make it clear that everyone is allowed to come.


Are Children Allowed?

Around a third of all weddings ban children. This is for a few reasons, including not wanting to deal with youngsters running around and possibly knocking everything over.

This is something you need to decide. If children aren’t allowed to come, you will need to make it very clear so your guests aren’t unprepared. You could also put a time when all children must leave by.

Include Any Special Dress Code

Some couples choose to have a set dress code for their wedding. This could be because they want a black tie event or it may be because they are having a fancy dress wedding.

You want to make it clear to your guests if you have any special dress code.


The Plan for the Day

Some wedding invitations are turned more into a booklet with a full list of timings and the plan for the day.

This is excellent for those who have a lot planned or are spreading their big day over a full weekend. Your guests will appreciate being well-informed.

The RSVP Date and Time

Make it clear how you want people to RSVP and when you want them in by.

If you need to finalise numbers to the exact ones, you need to make that clear on the invitations so that people do in fact let you know whether they are attending or not.

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