What to Do When Invited to the Ex’s Wedding

Unless you’re close friends with your ex-boyfriend, getting invited to his wedding could be really awkward. There are many questions. Should you bring a date? Why has he invited you? Does his bride really want you there? Here are some steps to take before you accept or reject his invitation.

Talk to Him

One of the best things to do is talk to him about the invitation. It gives you a chance to clear the air and find out just why he has invited you to his special day. Ask him to be perfectly honest and whether he really does want you there. It could have been out of politeness because someone else in your family has been invited or because you have some of the same friends. If you decide to go, make sure you talk to him while there and express how happy you are for him.

Prepare Yourself

If you’ve decided to go, you will need to prepare yourself for the day. You will have a mixed range of emotions. If you still have feelings for him, you’ll be unhappy that he’s moved on but still happy that he has found someone he loves.

You may feel jealous and you need to be prepared for that so it doesn’t ruin his day.

Politely Decline If You Wish

You don’t have to go to his wedding. There are plenty of reasons not to. If you think your feelings are going to ruin his day, it is best to politely decline the invitation.

Whether you tell him the real reason or not is up to you, but it may just be worth saying that you already have plans for that day (depending on how far in advance you are being invited).

Take a Date With You

It doesn’t have to be someone you’re romantically involved with, but this is good if you are. Otherwise, take a male friend or a girlfriend if you really must. The aim is to not turn up alone.

The last thing you want is to feel awkward that you don’t know anyone and you’re the sad ex-girlfriend still on your own. It will likely make him happy that you have someone there with you too.

Look Your Best

Dress to impress. Sure you don’t want to upstage the bride (so no white!), but you don’t want to go looking like a complete mess.

Spend some money on a new dress, buy that beautiful pair of shoes and have your hair done especially for the day. If you look really good, there’ll be plenty of guests who want to dance with you.

If You’re Available Act It

Just because you’ve brought a friend along, doesn’t mean you have to pretend that you’re not available. There are people there who will also be available and this is a great time to meet someone new.

Nothing has to come from it—just go there to have some fun! If you do go with a date, this idea is out of the question.

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