6 Items You Need to Have at Your Desk

When you’re in the office, you need certain items to hand. These items will help you get on with your work, boost your productivity and make it easier to take notes as soon as you think of them. Here are six items you need to make sure you have at all times—and it doesn’t involve the obvious computer!

A First Aid Kit

You never know when an accident will happen. While you may not be the First Aid member of staff, you can benefit from having your own kit in your desk drawer. It just needs to have the basics like Band Aids, alcohol gel and aspirin.

The next time you get a blister or have a headache, you’ll be thankful that you decided to put it in your desk after all.


A Phone Charger

Phones are great, but they just don’t keep their charge for too long. You think you have enough at the start of the day, but soon find that by lunch time you’re on one percent battery.

What if you need to call for an emergency on your way home? Make sure you have a spare phone charger in your desk drawer. It could have the plug part, or you could plug it into the computer. This will depend on your office’s policy.

Spare Socks/Tights

This seems like a strange one at first, until you consider the possibility of getting a ladder in your tights just before that all important business meeting.

If you’re wearing a trouser suit, you could benefit from a spare pair of socks in case the ones that you have get soaked from the rain on the way to work. Having a couple of spare pairs of both will be beneficial.


Body Spray for the Hot Days

Bad BO in the office, especially on a hot day, is going to make the morale in the office drop. Don’t let yourself be the reason for the smell. Have a small bottle or roll-on body spray in your desk drawer. You don’t need to use it in front of everybody.

You can always take it to the toilet. If you really struggle from sweating, make sure you have the window open and try to sit near it to do your work.

A Snack or Two

It’s 11am and you’re hit with the munchies. All you want is a sugary snack to keep you going until lunch time.

Instead of taking a trip to the vending machine, have a selection of healthy snacks in your desk drawer. You could have a packet of dried fruit or nuts that you can reseal afterwards, or take some fresh items on a morning with you and store them in your drawer.


A Calendar/Diary

How often have you looked at the day and realized that you missed a meeting? It happens more often than you think, and having the computer calendar set up isn’t always good enough.

Have a diary or desk calendar out there and make sure all your notes go in it. You can have them personalized too, so you have something to smile about throughout the day.

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