6 Signs You’ve Finally Made It in Your Workplace

When you were younger, you had all these dreams and aspirations for your work. You may have wanted to be a pilot, or had dreams to be a millionaire. Now that you’re an adult, you recognise that it is hard to reach your goals but it is definitely not impossible. Many people do make it in their career and workplace, and here are six signs that you have.

You Get More and More Requests on LinkedIn

As you become a big name in your field or workplace, you will find your LinkedIn page receives more views and requests. People want to be a part of your success and want to connect with you.

At first, it will be those who are lower down and want to gain tips. However, once you make it, you will see more connections from those who are higher up on the career ladder.


Your Work Credentials Are First on Google

Everyone loves to Google their name. They want to see what information crops up and if there is anything embarrassing. When you’ve made it in your workplace, the first things that will appear on Google are things to do with your career.

It could be articles you have written or interviews you have done. Whatever it is, they will show up before your social media pages.

People Ask for Your Number

No, this isn’t for dating reasons. People are asking for your business number for interviews, press releases or networking. And the best thing about it, you can just hand out business cards instead of writing the phone number down.

Your business cards will also include much more, which helps to push your career even further.


You’re Speaking at Events

The big sign that you’re finally making it is when you’re asked to speak at presentations and events. Some of these will be in your own area, but as you climb higher up the ladder you will be asked to speak around the world.

The best thing about these speaking events is that most of your costs are paid for you because the organisers want you there that much.

You Have Authority in Your Field

Becoming an authority in your field of interest is a big sign. By authority, it means that your content is quoted all the time, and people are interviewing you for their own needs.

You will start to oversee projects and everyone knows that you will be able to deliver when you set some goals. You’re also the person to turn to when it comes to advice on the subject.


People Want You to Work for Them

As your name becomes bigger and bigger in your field, you will find that people want you to work for them.

Applying for jobs doesn’t happen anymore. You’re head hunted by the big firms. That brings in more benefits than applying for roles. You see, you get to set the pay that you want to make sure you really get the amount you are worth.

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