How to Be A Good Boss

Being a boss over anyone can be difficult for some people. The woman that is supervising other people might be uncomfortable in a position of power, and the people working for her might also be a little uncertain having a woman for a boss. However, there are ways to be a good boss that will make everyone more happy and comfortable.

Appreciate the employees:

A boss becomes successful because of the hard work of the people that are under them.

Anyone in charge should not take all the credit for the work of others, and has to understand that other people are making them look good. A boss needs to be grateful to those employees and treat them with respect.



Entrust the employees with responsibility:

A good boss delegates certain responsibilities to the people that can handle them without being constantly watched.

Trust is important in an office setting, and a boss has to trust the people that work under them.

Stay out of office conflicts:

Coworkers may have an issue that causes one or more of them to get into a disagreement. Everyone that works in the office is an adult, and a good boss will let them work things out without having to intervene.

A boss is not the same thing as a mother, and adults should be able to handle their own conflicts.



Be approachable:

If there is an issue, an employee has to be able to come to their boss when a situation arises. If a boss seems cold and impersonal, then the workers are going to be unwilling to go to the one person that can help them.

So many office issues can be avoided if workers would talk to their bosses first before small problems become big problems that get out of control.

Always tell workers that work is appreciated:

A boss needs to tell the employees under them that they are doing great work. An employee works better when they are told that they did something good out loud for everyone to hear so they can be congratulated by everyone.

If the work involves dealing with customer, than a boss that tells the customer on the phone about the good worker they spoke with, then that will also make the employees feel more appreciated.



Reward people for their work:

A cup of coffee, a pastry, or even a card can do a lot for people’s self-esteem and well-being.

Even the smallest of gestures mean a lot to the people that go to work every day, and will make them want to continue to work for someone that appreciates all they do.


Be polite and courteous:

The most important lesson for any boss is to speak to their workers in the same way that they want to be spoken to. Work is hard sometimes, and some days are better than others.

Work can be even tougher when the boss is someone that is not pleasant to work for. Everyone has to work for a living, and a good boss can make working a lot easier.

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