How to Be a Great Manager or Director

Being a great manager or director is important. You will create a team of employees who want to work harder but can come to you when there are problems. Some people simply aren’t cut out for this job but others will excel in more ways than one. Here are some tips to help become a great manager or director.

Show Your Employees that You Care

Do you just care about the business or do you want the employees to do well? A great manager or director will care about it all.

Having happy and good employees will naturally help the business and vice versa.

Show your employees that you do care, by praising them when they have done something great and setting up regular meetings to improve their performance.



Listen to Both Sides of Disputes

Don’t jump into an argument and stick up for one party. As a leader, you will need to listen to the whole of the dispute. There are two sides to all stories and to come to a fair conclusion you need to listen to both.

Don’t jump to any conclusions either and be open-minded when listening to all views.

Don’t Play Favourites

You may be friends outside of work with some employees but that doesn’t mean they are your friends in the office. You need to treat all colleagues in the same way.

Playing favourites will lead to you causing employment law problems for the company and could lead to a grievance against you.



Organise Work Events

Socialising outside of the workplace is important. It helps to build up the team spirit and the employees can get a chance to know you on a more personal level.

Organise a few work events, such as a BBQ or drinks after work. You could also organise some charity events to show your interests in a professional way.

Do the Job You’re Employed to Do

If you don’t do the work you’re supposed to, why should you expect different from others? Your employees want to see you accountable for your actions and that the rules are the same for all.

Do all the duties that you have, without complaining, and they will respect you much more. They will be willing to follow your lead and make the business a much better place to be.



Apologise for the Mistakes You Make

Everyone makes mistakes; nobody is perfect. When you do, admit and apologise for them; after all, isn’t that what you expect others to do?

If people see that you aren’t accountable for your actions, they will lose respect and won’t listen to you.

If they see that you are willing to admit when you are in the wrong, they will want to work with you and do a good job for you.


Don’t Take Your Mood Out on Others

This isn’t professional and will cause you to lose a lot of respect.

If something has gone wrong in your life, don’t take that bad mood out on others around you – they’ll feel like they’ve done something wrong.

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