Interview Tips: 7 Ways to Impress Your Potential Boss

The interview process is always the most nerve-wracking part. This is the chance to show off your skills and why the employer should choose you. It is also the chance to show off how you will help the company. Here are seven tips to help you impress your potential boss and get hired!

Prepare Over the Days Before

Don’t leave your preparation to the last minute. Make sure everything is ready over the days before, including your outfit, your research on the company and an extra copy of your CV.

Being prepared will help you stay calm and make sure you can pick up things that you need at the last minute.


Research the Company and Role

The employer wants to know how you can help the company and that you are interested in the company’s growth. The best way to show that is by doing your research.

What does the company do? Who are the clients or target audience? What role will you need to do? The more things you know, the better chance you have of being hired.

Look Over Your CV Again

You’ve probably sent out hundreds of CVs and cover letters. Take the time to look over these for the job you have the interview for so you remember everything that you wrote down.

This will avoid lies or slip ups during the interview and will make you more ready for any questions the interviewer has.


Dress Appropriately

A suit is the best option for an interview, even if the company dresses casually. It shows that you are a professional and care about the job.

Avoid shirts that pull across the chest; wear a jumper over the top if you must.

If you decide on a skirt suit, make sure the skirt reaches your knees and wear tights to give you a more professional look.

Practise Answering the Questions

Research the likely questions you’ll be asked and practise answering them. Ask a friend to ask you the questions so you get used to saying them out-loud and to someone else.

Your friend may be able to give you pointers about where you can improve your answers. This process will improve your confidence so you are less likely to stutter while in the interview.

There will be questions that you won’t have practised – companies like to try to slip people up – but at least you will be prepared for most.


Make Sure You Know Where You Are Going

If you can the day before, take a drive to find the place. This will help to settle your nerves on the morning of the interview.

There is nothing worse than trying to work out where you are going. If you can’t drive out beforehand, check the map and make sure you know your route.

job-interview-eye-contactGet There with Time to Spare

If your interview is at 10am, don’t show up for 10am. You need to show up at least five minutes early. However, avoid showing up too early.

Getting there half an hour before will give you chance to walk around the area and get ready to answer the questions and then go in five minutes early.

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