Effective Ways to Cut Back on Internet Spending

The Internet provides people with information, entertainment, social interaction, and for many, its most appealing function – online shopping. Online companies offer everything from clothing to electronics and even food, so it’s easy to get addicted quickly. If you find yourself short at the end of the month because of your Internet spending, there are several ways that you can cut back and build up your savings.

Turn Off Your Auto Fill Option

With most shopping sites, there’s an option to auto fill your personal and credit card information.

This kind of one-click shopping makes it much too easy to overspend. Instead of using auto fill, take the time to do it manually; if it seems like too much effort, you don’t really want to spend the money.

Don’t Subscribe To Dozens of Online Shopping Coupons

Not only do all those ads and coupons clutter up your mailbox on a daily basis, but there’s no way you can possibly use all the offers that come in.

In addition, you might end up spending money you don’t have just to take advantage of the special, which will put you in trouble at the end of the month. Pick two or three stores that you shop at most often and unsubscribe from the rest.

Keep a Debit Card for Online Shopping

If you must shop online, use a debit card that requires you to add money to it in order for you to use it.

This way, you aren’t racking up credit card charges that you can’t pay off the end of the month. If you cut back on your Internet shopping, reward yourself at the end of the month by using the card for a single purchase.

Spend Less Time Online

Not only will spending less time online allow you to shop less, but you’ll also be healthier.

Recent studies show that prolonged sitting can cause health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. By unplugging from the computer, you’ll benefit physically and financially.

Avoid Shopping Apps

There are hundreds of free apps that make mobile shopping as easy as pushing a button. Many stores have their own apps that allow you to shop and pay as easily as you would online.

If you have a problem controlling your online shopping and tend to overspend, then avoid having these apps on your smartphone.

Avoid Pay-for-Play Games

While Internet games can be fun and addictive, many of them offer paid features like cheats and extra help that allow you to beat them faster.

Some of them tie right into an account that’s set up with a credit card, such as iTunes. Avoid games that have these options and if you do download them, don’t allow the app to access your credit card information.

Understand Want vs. Need

While you might think that pair of heels or that new handbag is a must have for your wardrobe, consider how brief certain fashion trends are and whether or not what you think you need will be fashionable in six months.

Before you shop, go through your closet and your stored clothing to see what you already have – you might be surprised at what you find, and all at no cost to you.

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