A Safe Tanning Alternative – Reasons to Try A Spray Tan

A Safe Tanning Alternative – Reasons to Try A Spray Tan

For some women, going out in the sun is one way for them to get beautiful bronze colored skin. However, the rays of the sun can do more than just give a woman a tan. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause premature aging of the skin. However, to still get that great summer color, but protect the skin from damage, many women look into a spray tan.

tanning-womanNo Damage to the Skin:

Ever see a woman that has spent too much time in the sun?

The sun can cause wrinkles in the skin, but it can also dry it out and cause that leather-like appearance.

sunbathimgAvoid Getting A Sunburn:

Going outside is great, but too much exposure to the sun can result in a bad sunburn. Some women have even gotten a burn that is so bad that they actually got sun poisoning.

By getting a spray tan, a woman can get that same bronze color without getting burned badly or sick from the sun.

spray-tanA Healthy Glow to the Skin:

When winter comes, people who do not have a lot of sun in their area start to look pale.

A spray tan can give a woman a much healthier appearance.

applying-sunscreen-sunbathingA Faster Way to Get Color:

Laying out in the sun for a tan can take a long time. A woman being outside all day can get a bad sunburn and get heat stroke from it.

Going to a salon that offers a spray tan can have her skin sprayed with color in just a matter of minutes.

tanned-womanA Tan That Lasts For Weeks:

To maintain a nice tan, a woman may have to spend hours outside. Not every woman has a lot of time to devote to the great outdoors.

A spray can last for up to four weeks if the skin is moisturized on a daily basis.

lay-in-water-seaGet A Customized Color:

Sometimes people get a tan that come in a bottle.

Though inexpensive, the tan in the bottle can make someone turn orange if they do not follow the instructions exactly

. With a spray tan, a person can choose to go as dark or light as they want for their tan.

tanningA Safe Way To Tan

Being outdoors can be dangerous, but a spray tan offers someone a chance to get the color they want without being exposed to the heat or the bright rays of the sun.

Many people have ended up with skin cancer from being outside, but a spray tan can give the same results without the risk of getting skin cancer.

Women love to be in their bikinis hitting the beach with a beautiful tan. However, going outside can mean the risk of getting skin cancer, sun damage, or even wrinkles.

By going to a salon for a spray tan, a woman can get the color she wants without harming her skin or looking old before her time. With the proper maintenance, a spray tan can last for weeks without having to constantly go out in the sun.

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