Getting artificial nails every month or more can become quite an expensive chore for any woman. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on artificial nails, there are some ways that a woman can grow beautiful long nails by following some simple steps.

Maintaining Nails Is Important:

Trimming, filing, and cutting cuticle are all something that the nail salon does, but a woman can do it on her own at home.

Keeping the nails trimmed and filed is going to make the fingernails grow nice and strong.


Moisturizing the Cuticles:

A trip to a beauty supply store can be beneficial to a woman that wants her nails to grow.

The same products that are used in a salon can be bought at a beauty supply store.

Cuticle conditioner can be bought and should be used once a week to keep the cuticles moist, which is going to help the nails grow.

Protect Hands From the Cold:

When wintertime comes, the cold temperature can really make nails brittle if the hands are not protected.

The cold weather can also cause the skin on the hands to dry, crack, and bleed. To protect the hands, gloves should be worn anytime a woman has to leave the house.


Take A Multivitamin:

Vitamins A, K, B, and E, are all good for growing long nails. Instead of buying each vitamin in a separate bottle, a multivitamin will contain all of them and in the right amount.

There are also special formulas of vitamins that are designed to help the nails grow, but a multivitamin more than likely contains the same vitamins and minerals.

Eat More Protein:

The protein found in lean meats and fish can give brittle nails a big boost.

The meat and fish contain amino acids that are going to help the nails grow both faster and stronger.


Drink Water:

A woman not drinking enough water is going to affect her whole body.

Dehydration can cause brittle nails, and brittle dry hair, so a woman has to be sure she is drinking at least eight glasses of water every single day.

Wear Gloves For Dishwashing:

The hot water and dishwashing liquid can clean dishes, pots, and pans, but it can also weaken the nails.

A woman should protect her hands from the water temperature and the soap by wearing latex rubber gloves whenever she has to wash the dishes.

Long nails can be painted a nice color or even decorated with little jewels that are glued onto the surface. However, a woman can do her own nails at home if she takes the time to grow her nails out.

By eating more protein, protecting her hands in cold weather, and taking a multivitamin, a woman will soon have notice that her nails are growing in a long stronger than they have ever been before.

After a couple of weeks, a woman’s nails will be so long she can permanently cancel her appointment with the nail salon to get artificial nails.

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