Make-up for Brown Eyes

Make-up for Brown Eyes

Make-up is what many women nowadays are using to bring up their beauty; it is amazing how few touches can completely change how a women’s eyes look and bring out the vibrant colors in them. Makeups have been proven to be very effective methods to give this extra push and bring out the best in a woman’s looks.

However, it is very important that you understand make-up, how to properly apply it and the colors that suit your eye and skin colors the most. Otherwise make up could have disastrous and unpleasant effects. Below are few make-up tips to make your brown eyes pop and bring out the best in them.

makeup-brown-eyesChoosing the appropriate color

Some of the colors that suit brown eyes the most are purples, deep greens, deep blues, teals, maroon, silvers and pink (the brighter the better).

If you must wear brown eye make-up, choose a lighter shade and contrast it with a bright color for your lipstick.

eyeshadow-base-makeup-artistApply the base coat

After choosing the color, use a soft, medium sized brush and apply the base coat on the eyelid to the crease line.

Optional: apply an eye primer over the eyelids; it helps the eye shadows stay in place longer.

applying-eyeshadowApply the darker coat

Use a stiff brush to apply the darker color at the outer grove of the eye and brush it on to the crease, all the way to the inner part of the eyebrow.

Make sure that you blend the darker color with the already existent base coat so it does not look like you have two separate colors.

Do it gently until you get a nice and complete look. Optional: you can always mix two colors in this area for a brighter look. Usually if you do so, draw the separation line at the beginning of the crease.

eyeshadow-kitHighlight color

Typically, it is a shimmery color that is close to the color of your skin. It is very important as it completes your look. Use a smaller brush and apply it on to the brow and slightly at the corner of your eye if you want.

Make sure to blend with the outer part of the eye. Avoid using a shimmery color for the highlight, if the base coat used was shimmery.

eyeliner-pencilEye Liner

While not necessary, applying an eyeliner on the top part of your eye will help give your eye an almond-shape and make it stand out.

It is also recommended that you add it to the lower part of the eye. Keep it to a minimum. When unsure, black is always a safe color to use.


Apply the mascara to give your lashes more volume.

Wear the appropriate colors: yes the colors you chose for your clothes will impact your eyes. Wear the colors that are opposite to the brown color, such as varieties of green, blue and purple.

Wearing yellow on the other hand should be avoided since it could bring out the yellow in your eyes.

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