How to Get Skycig Discount Codes

How many times are you attempted to quit smoking and ended up going back to the habit? If you have quit smoking several times and to no avail have failed every time, there is an alternative. This alternative doesn’t damage your lungs and will help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year that you would have otherwise spent on tobacco cigarettes.


This alternative is the Skycig electronic cigarette. Even though you will be saving money every year, knowing how to get Skycig discount codes to pay for this alternative way of smoking will help you follow a healthier path towards quitting smoking completely.

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, are an electronic alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. They release a small amount of water vapor so second-hand smoke is not an issue when out in public. There are three parts to an e-cig: the vaporizer, the flavor or nicotine cartridge, and the battery.

The flavor nicotine cartridge (the mouthpiece) contains a flavored liquid that is released every time the user inhales. The vaporizer (the atomizer) heats the liquid inside the flavor cartridge which creates the vapor smoke. The battery is rechargeable and powers the vaporizer in order to heat the flavor cartridge. It is extremely easy to use and assemble; all you have to do is screw the cartridge on to the battery and voila! You are now able to use the electronic cigarette.


Since the cost of the cartridges could start adding up, knowing how to get Skycig discount codes will help save you even more money in the long run. Skycigs are so much like tobacco cigarettes in that they have the same look and feel as a regular cigarette.

The advantage to using these is that is no harmful smoke and no odor. Your teeth, fingernails, and fingers won’t get stained from the tar in cigarettes and you won’t smell like tobacco smoke. Since e-cigs release an odorless vapor, people around you won’t be offended by the smell and second-hand smoke will no longer be an issue allowing you to smoke virtually anywhere.

A pack of e-cigs includes five cartridges of vanilla, cherry, menthol, and two traditional tobacco flavored cartridges. You can purchase refill cartridges that suits your personal taste and a pack of five refills is equivalent to smoking 30 traditional cigarettes. Discount codes can be found on starter packs and cartridge refills as well as replacement batteries.

Currently there are several websites offering 10% off discount codes for the e-cigs, cartridges, and batteries. It is easy find out how to get Skycig discount codes as they are plentiful and can be found using Google and other search engines.

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