Dealing With an Early Miscarriage: Seven Steps to Help Deal With Loss

Dealing With an Early Miscarriage: Seven Steps to Help Deal With Loss

Many women have suffered from a miscarriage. If you have recently been through one, it may or may not help to know that around 25% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Most of these happen in the early stages, without the expectant mother realising she was pregnant. Dealing with a miscarriage isn’t easy – it is a loss – but here are some tips to help.

crying-womanLet Yourself Grieve

Remember that this is a loss. Just because you didn’t get to hold your baby in your arms or see him grow up, doesn’t mean that you haven’t been through a loss.

It is difficult to handle, knowing that a life was growing inside of you and it stopped. Give yourself the time to grieve and treat it as a loss.

crying-woman-catDon’t Blame Yourself

Many women blame themselves but it isn’t something that you did. An early miscarriage still isn’t completely understood but experts believe it is due to a problem with the baby’s chromosomes.

In truth, if the baby did reach term, it would likely have a very poor quality of life – if any life at all. There was nothing that you did to cause it or anything that you could have done to prevent it.

crying-woman-supportTalk to People About It

Don’t bottle it all up. If you are struggling to cope, talk to someone about your loss. This could be a friend, your partner or a support group.

There are many online support groups with women who have been through a similar type of loss. Your doctor may also be able to recommend support to help you through this time.

crying-woman2Don’t Rush Back Into Things

Remember that you are grieving. Avoid rushing back into things too much. This is especially the case if you want to try for another baby.

Let yourself deal with the situation and then decide when the right time for the two of you is.

hand-on-bellyGive Your Body Time to Heal

You may not feel it, but your body needs to heal after this. It may take some time for your cycle to get back to normal and for the womb to be ready to hold another baby.

Doctors recommend waiting three cycles before trying for another baby to give yourself time to heal.

woman-friendsGet Out and Socialise

Don’t hold yourself up in the house on your own.

For the first couple of days it is grieving but longer than that and friends and family members will start to worry about you. It won’t do your mental state any good either.

Make sure you get out of the house, socialise with friends and do some exercise. You will feel better in yourself and ready to deal with the next day.

comforting-babyIt Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have Children

Not all pregnancies will end in miscarriage. It can be scary the next time but having an early miscarriage doesn’t mean you can’t have children.

Talk to your doctor if you are worried, but most won’t do tests until you have had three or four early miscarriages because of the probability of early miscarriage.

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