Choose Happy – It’s Never Too Late to Be Happy

Choose Happy – It’s Never Too Late to Be Happy

No matter what age you are there is always room for happy. Self- improvement is not about anyone else but you! There are certain things that no one can ever take from you, things like education or a learned talent. Those things are all yours! Those are the things that will help you to get to a happy place.

Women give so much of themselves. They are taught to be nurturing, to be nice, sacrificial but to be able to fulfil those desires to take care of everyone we have to nurture and feed our own spirits.

Making changes in your life to be a happier person does not have to mean moving to a third world country and shedding everything you love about your life right now. It means enhancing what you already have going for you.

Improving your life can be as simple as taking a ceramics class or learning to wood work or even learning to meditate! There is no recipe to happiness, other than do it for yourself! Do something you love to make you happy.

woman-happy-beach-sea-travelPersonal Happiness

Accepting anything less than being happy is just not acceptable. Life goes by in a flash so if you feel like you are missing out on being happy than the time to act is now. If you are 15 or 50 you should be seeking a self-improvement plan to get your happy back!

It is very likely that it will not take one singular thing to get you to a happy place but instead several little things one step at a time to get you to a happy place.

smiling-woman-happyA Truth

Happiness does not come from outside it comes from inside. It is a choice! You have to choose to be happy. You cannot wait for someone to make you happy. It is something that comes from contentment, from being self-aware.

A lot of people repeat a self- defeating mantra of “ I will be happy once I have ____”. It is easy to fall into that train of thought but it is setting you up for failure. If you think of it in this perspective if you tie your happiness to ownership each time whatever it is that you think will make you happy no longer is new than you will once again be unhappy.

If you depend on other people to get your happiness you again will be setting yourself up for failure. The people in your life should be the gravy to your meat and potatoes. Your happiness should be dependent on your ability to perfect yourself on the inside. It is all about perspective.

smiling-woman-breadStart Today

If you think you could be happier, than start today to make those changes that are going to result in a happier more content you! Get to know yourself and discover the things you love and that make you feel the happy!

Choose happy! Say it out loud if you have to every day “ I choose Happy! “

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