An Unexpected Grandchild

Every parent does their best at raising their children. As a parent you try to instill the values in which you grew up with. Sometimes things happen to change your family and how you look at different situations.

Building a Trusting Relationship

As you raise your children you want to try and build a trusting relationship. You want to make sure that your children know that they can come to you at any time and talk to you. By having this type of relationship then you and your children will know that if there is ever a problem they can come to you.

There may be times when your child comes to you with a problem and you may not like what they are saying but you need to learn to just listen to them. As parents you don’t approve of everything that your child or children do but you need to show them respect and listen to them when they come to you with a problem. No matter what the problem is you need to be there for them.

A Pregnancy

You just got told by your daughter that she is pregnant. It would be easier if she was married but she’s not. You are glad that she came and told you. Now you have to hold your emotions and help your daughter and talk with her. However you feel about this situation, this is when your feelings get put off to the side. You now have to show your daughter the love and support that she needs at this time.

Now is the time that your daughter will need you the most. By yelling at her she will realize that she can’t come to you with any problems. You can calmly talk to her if you are disappointed but yelling at her is only going to make the problem worse. You will need to find out a lot of things that’s going through her head.

Depending on her age you will need to find out if she’s going to want to keep the baby. There are so many other things to discuss. She may not have the answers for you right now but if you keep an open communication with her she will come to you for answers to questions that she may and probably will have.

An unplanned pregnancy is hard enough but when your daughter is unmarried it makes the situation harder. The more love and support you show your daughter the easier it will be for her. She is going to be going through a lot of hard times and will need her family.

As she is going through, in her mind trying to figuring out what she exactly what to do she, more than likely, to talk with her family and ask their opinion. As hard as it may be at the time you need to keep in mind that there is a little baby that will be coming into the world.

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