How to De-stress After Work

How to De-stress After Work

Many of us have no choice but to work, it’s a way of paying our bills and a way to fight boredom, however, it does have its drawbacks. With work comes stress and no matter how hard you try to fight it chances are you’ll bring some of that stress home with you at the end of a hard day.


How do you go about de-stressing once you’ve left the office so that you don’t bring all of the work drama home with you?

  • When you get in the car or on the train to leave work take a few minutes for yourself. This can be listening to some great music or focusing on the other aspects of your life. The de-stressing process should start the moment you leave the office.
  • Once you get home from work you should take a walk, fix a nice satisfying dinner with some music or even take a long shower. This can be very relaxing and should be utilized as a way of calming yourself and leaving the office behind for another day.
  • Don’t work at home. Once you get home stop focusing on work emails and work phone calls and focus instead on your own life; your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend and your children. Working at home is a sure fire way of bringing all of the stress back.
  • If you happen to work from home then set time aside where you focus on yourself and not the job. This means set a schedule for yourself and give yourself some free alone time to do whatever makes you happy and de-stress.

Unless you come home and find it absolutely necessary to discuss your day then don’t! Bringing up the drama or the bad day that you had at the office only serves to ruin your evening or weekend. What happened at the office should stay at the office. You should spend your time focusing on other aspects of your evening.


There are some other simple tips to de-stressing after a long work day:

  • Read a good book. If you like to read take an hour or half an hour to dive into a good book and forget about your troubles.
  • Exercise. If you like to exercise but can’t seem to find time before work do it after. This is a great way to stay fit and healthy and to de-stress after an eventful workday.
  • Retail therapy. This one is definitely for the ladies and it could be detrimental to your credit cards but there’s nothing better than a good evening of shopping. Take the time to get things done such as errands and groceries and pick yourself up a nice bottle of wine.

When it comes to dealing with stress from the workplace you can be as creative as you’d like. Not everyone likes to do the same things and not everyone finds comfort in the same activities. Find what works for you and what helps to calm your nerves and implement that the moment you leave the office.

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