Tips for the Perfect Night’s Sleep Over Christmas

Tips for the Perfect Night’s Sleep Over Christmas

There is just so much happening during the holiday seasons. Your brain is constantly on the go, as you make sure all the decorations are in place, the food is perfect, and you have all the gifts you need. Sleep can seem like a distant memory, but you need that rest. Without it, you won’t be able to enjoy the Christmas season. Here are some tips to improve your sleep during the holidays.

christmas-sleep-womanGo to Bed at the Same Time

Every night, make sure you go to bed at the same time. This will help get your body into a routine. At the same time, you need to get up every morning at the same time.

You will have plenty of time to get everything done, as long as you’re productive about it. By getting enough sleep, you’ll find it easier to be productive, too. It is a great cycle.

santa-helper-work-womanPlan Everything in Advance

If you plan in advance, you won’t feel as stressed. Stress is the number one reason for struggling to sleep, but there’s no need to feel that way.

You can plan the gifts you’re getting and the food you are cooking long before the day comes. This will help you get everything in place, so you’re not rushing around at the last minute.

christmas-listLists Are Your Friend

You will soon find a new appreciation for lists. You can jot down the Christmas presents for friends and family members, and plan your food for the big day.

You’ll find having separate lists for the different parts of the day is essential to help separate it all. This is much better when it comes to the day you’re doing your gift shopping, so you’re not trying to find the gifts past the list of food.

notepad-penHave a Pad and Pen by Your Bed

You never know when you’re going to think of something you need. You might think of it just as you’re getting into bed, and that stops you sleeping.

Instead of worrying about trying to remember it for the next morning, have a pad and pen by your bed—or use your smartphone—and make a note of it. Then you can forget all about it and get a good night’s sleep.

Heating-room-thermostatBe Comfortable Heat-Wise

Your body temperature also controls the ability to sleep. It is really common to have the heating on overnight because it’s so cold this time of year. Don’t do it!

Your room could end up too warm and it won’t be ventilated enough. You don’t need the heating on all the time. Get your bed ready for you with an electric blanket or a hot water bottle.

woman-drink-water-kitchenRemain Hydrated Throughout the Day

There are all sorts of things that you do during the day that stop you from sleeping. Not drinking enough is the number one reason.

Your body needs water to survive, otherwise you suffer headaches and other signs of dehydration. Drink plenty throughout the day and consider having a glass of water just before you go to bed.

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