Things A Woman Needs In Her Kitchen

Things A Woman Needs In Her Kitchen

A kitchen is the place where a woman prepares meals. However, the problem with the kitchen is that it can be overstuffed with too many items that will never get used. A woman can make her kitchen a lot less cluttered if she gets rid of the items she does not need. There are 7 things that a woman needs in her kitchen.

woman-skillet-pan-omelet-kitchen-cookingA cast iron skillet:

A cast iron skillet can be expensive, but it is a very necessary cooking utensil. To get a cast iron skillet at a much cheaper price if one is found at a garage sale or at a flea market.

Even if the cast iron skillet is in less than perfect condition, it can be cleaned and reused. Some cast iron skillets are even passed down from one family cook to another over many generations.

cutting-board-knife-tomatoA rubber cutting board:

Though cutting boards are traditionally made of wood, a wooden cutting board can be a breeding ground of germs and bacteria that can absorb into the wood.

A rubber cutting board is much better because it will not absorb germs, and the surface will not damage knife blades like wood can.

dutch-ovenA Dutch oven:

A Dutch oven is a big pot that can be used for anything including soup, pasta, and many more things.

No kitchen is complete without a great big pot. Instead of having to deal with multiple pots, a person can use the Dutch oven for pretty much everything.

Set-knivesA Set of knives:

Every great cook needs one set of knives to prepare meals with.

A knife set tucked into a butcher block can be used for years, and the wood will protect the quality of the blades and keep them sharp.

peeling-apple-peelerA Peeler:

Whether it is making mashed potatoes, salad, or anything else that requires peeled vegetables, a good peeler is going to be used for a lot of different meals.

There are a lot of peelers that make peeling vegetables easy, and the peelers will stay sharp for a very long time.

strainer-pasta-tomatoesA Strainer:

A stainless steel strainer, also known as a colander, can help when it comes to draining things like pasta and also washing vegetables.

mixing-bowl-bananaA Set of mixing bowls:

The ways that a set of mixing bowls can be used are endless. A set of mixing bowls of different sizes can be used for anything like making marinades, tossing salads, to making cakes.

A typical set of these bowls has three sizes, small, medium, and large.

A woman’s kitchen may have limited space, and the last thing she wants to do is fill it with a bunch of unnecessary junk that is going to make her kitchen a lot smaller than it already is and cluttered.

There are only 7 things that a woman needs in her kitchen, and with these 7 items a woman can make any kind of meal she needs to without having to fight the clutter just to get to the stove.

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