Beautiful Gardens and Outdoor Resting Places

Beautiful Gardens and Outdoor Resting Places

Building a garden is not only convenient and practical for making it comfortable and practical, but brings positive change into our environment – and that is good for our soul and body. Here are some beautiful garden furniture tips and garden beautifying solutions!

fabulous-sidewalkA fabulous sidewalk

A winding paved walkway that leads through the trees, between shrubs and colorful flowers may be every garden owner’s dream.

This gravel bed formed with stone slabs encrusted pavement is really flashy, and can be framed with stonecrop and lovely manicured lawn.

Colorful-birdhousesColorful birdhouses on the fence

These colorful wooden birdhouses can be easily crafted and mounted on our fence.

They are beautiful and well-designed, but not only for our sake: little birdies will enjoy it as well.

Cozy-swingCozy swing

The swing is not just a faded childhood memory. We can have an “adult” version of it mounted in our garden!

Comfortable and relaxing moments await us with it.

Let’s make it comfortable with cushions, and place a small garden table next to it packed with refreshments and snack food.

Chessboard-gardenChessboard garden

If you need a custom solution to your garden design, chessboard pattern can be a creative idea.

The symmetrical alternating of lawn and stone creates a truly luxurious ambience. It shows good with elegant thujas or decorated flower pots.

Garden-furnitureGarden furniture in the gravel bed

The simple wooden garden furniture is not only looking nice, but it fits perfect for outdoor use due to the natural material.

If you do not want to spend fortunes on developing a park, simply divert gravel bed, which lets through moisture, while providing a clean, mud-free place.

Tier-planterTier planter

All our flowers can be crammed with tens somewhere on the ledges, terraces and all remaining free places.

However, such a planter creates a flower island, a showy ornament on the terrace.

Curly-flower-bedCurly flower bed

Flowerbeds along the house are quite usual – but we can make it highly decorative with unique wavy edges.

Different colors and types of plants dot the edge to the house. Isn’t it marvelous?

windows-brick-wallNice windows on brick wall

The simplest rustic windows can be showy as well, if the frames are repainted (even the colored edge around them can be painted).

They make sitting outside like being in a fairy tale.

Braided-furnitureBraided furniture

This suspended resting place is really invented for making vacations of our weekdays!

The braided material with natural-looking greatly fits the environment.

Mediterranean-atmosphereMediterranean atmosphere

White house with blue shutters…

A real Mediterranean atmosphere, which can be further enhanced with wrought iron garden furniture and lush greenery.

A platz formed from stone slabs is a creative solution.

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