Don’t Let Being a Woman Hold You Back: Tips to Get Ahead in the Workplace

Being a woman can be a disadvantage. While employers aren’t allowed to discriminate against sex, they often have reservations about hiring and promoting women. Prove that you’re worth the risk and get ahead in the workplace with these top tips.

Surprise People in the Office

This doesn’t mean bring in cakes now and then! Surprise them by doing your job to the highest level.

Take on the tasks that others find daunting and do them well. Go the extra mile when you need to and show that you are just as good, if not better, than any man out there.

Don’t take on the tasks just because they seem difficult – make sure you can do them and do them well.



Network In and Out of the Office

Social skills are essential to get ahead in the workplace, whether you’re a lawyer wanting to make partner or a waitress in a restaurant.

Network as much as possible when in and out of work. Attend networking events and get online to learn more about different businesses and get your foot in the door.

Be Proud of Your Achievements

When in the office, who constantly boasts about their achievements? Nine times out of 10 it’s the men and they get promotions because of that.

Play them at their own game and boast about your own achievements.

This also works in interviews – tell the potential employer about your personal and employment achievements to sell yourself.



Listen and Adapt

You will get criticism from time to time. Instead of complaining about it, listen to what the other person has to say.

You’ll find that there are things you can change. Adapt yourself to the working environment and you’ll soon see a promotion is in the works.

Build on Your Tech Skills

Technology is everywhere and the internet is growing into a major way companies do business. Take advantage of that by learning tech skills and staying ahead of the game.

When your employer realises that you know more about something than the men in the office, guess who he’s going to ask to talk to and want advice from more often.



Lead and be Part of the Team

You need to know how to lead a team while being part of it.These are two completely different skills to learn but both as vital as each other.

Have the confidence to make decisions, stick to them and then explain what everyone needs to do.

At the same time, pick up the slack and don’t complain just because one person isn’t pulling their weight – do the work and prove the business is more important!


Talk to Your Boss

Your boss wants to know where you see yourself in five or 10 years time. Ask to talk about your prospects in the company and whether there is something you can do to improve them.

This proactive approach is the best way to get ahead because you show you want to.

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