Tips for Surviving the First 3 Months as a New Mum

Tips for Surviving the First 3 Months as a New Mum

Being a new mum brings all sorts of emotions. There will be tears (from you and the baby!), there will be laughs and there will be days that you feel like you don’t have the energy anymore. The first three months are seen as the hardest for a new mum. It is a lot of adapting and learning in such a short space of time. Here are some tips to help you survive that time.

diaper-piggy-bankStock Up Before Hand

Don’t risk running out of nappies, wipes and everything else your little one needs. Stock up on as much as possible.

If you plan on breastfeeding, it may be worth having a box of formula just in case (you never know what will happen).

By stocking up, it means you can enjoy your time with your newborn and get out when you want instead of knowing you need to get something.

3-generations-womenAsk for Advice

Midwives, health visitors and other support is available and you should use it.

There are a lot of questions that you will have, including whether your baby has enough wet and dirty nappies, whether she is sleeping enough and what to do when your little one has a temperature.

Don’t be ashamed about asking for advice but that doesn’t mean you have to take it!

cuddle-baby-happyLots of Cuddles

Bonding with your baby isn’t instantaneous for all new mums so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen for you. It can be a daunting time.

Just make sure you give your baby lots of cuddles and skin-to-skin contact. This is also really useful for breastfeeding mums as it makes it easier for your baby.

baby-bedWatch Out for the Wee!

When changing a nappy, don’t try to do it as quick as possible at the start of the change. Once you take the tabs off, let the nappy sit for a minute or so.

Babies have a tendency to wee as soon as the air hits them. While this goes on the changing mat for girls, boys tend to go a good distance!

happy-parents-familyAccept Help When Offered

There is nothing wrong with accepting the help from friends and relatives during these first few weeks. In fact, it’s advised that you do accept the help.

Let them do the washing up, the laundry or look after the baby while you catch up on sleep and have some time to yourself. You do deserve it, despite what some people may say!

man-cleaningLeave the Cleaning

For the first couple of days forget about cleaning the house. What matters is that you sleep when your little one sleeps – you won’t get the chance at any other time.

People won’t judge you for having the dishes pile up for the first couple of days, honest.

healthy-eating-saladEat Well

Whether you breastfeed or not, you need to look after yourself. Nutrition is extremely important so make sure you eat well during the first few months.

If you are breastfeeding this is very important as the food you eat affects your milk supply and quality.

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