Understanding And Nurturing A Gifted Child And Their Siblings – Part 1

Understanding And Nurturing A Gifted Child And Their Siblings – Part 1

As parents we all see things in our children that often has us believing they are geniuses or gifted. Many of us are the only believers. However, there are ways that parents can truly tell if their little one is advanced. There are some signs that can help determine whether your child is headed for the head of the class.

Signs That A Child Is Gifted

The following ten signs, according to developmental guidelines, will help determine if your child is gifted.

1. If your child retains information: Children who are able to retain an array of information and can recall it at a later time shows a higher intelligence.

2. If your child has a wide interest spectrum: Children who display an interest in a wide range of topics may be gifted. Gifted children may show an interest in cars one month, and in dinosaurs the next, only to have an interest in bugs the following, and so forth.

3. If your child periodically shows intense concentration: Most children don’t stay focused for a long period of time, but gifted children have the ability to pay attention and concentrate for longer periods.

4. If your child has a good memory: Some gifted children are able to recall, without provocation, things they remember from when they were younger. For instance, a four-year-old might recall something that happened when they were two.


5. If your child’s vocabulary is advanced: An early speaking child doesn’t indicate being gifted alone, they are considered bright is they are using complete sentences and advanced vocabulary. A good example would be: a 2 year old’s sentence structure may be like: “Look a doggie.” where as a 2 year old gifted child might say, “There’s a black dog sniffing the garbage in the backyard.”

6. If your child reads and writes early: Children who are able to read and write before any formal teaching may be gifted.

7. If your child is talented artistically or musically: Youngsters who display an unusual talent for art or music, even both, are often found to be gifted. Youngsters who are able to perspectively draw things, sing in perfect pitch, or display any higher perceptions of art forms commonly fall into the gifted range.

8. If your child is detail oriented: Gifted children have a keen eye for detail. A young child may notice something moved from its normal spot, or is able to replace things exactly where they got it from. Older children may be inquisitive about specific details, how things work, etc.

9. If your child is their own critic: As most children aren’t concerned about others or themselves, unless of course, someone has something they want, a gifted child is the opposite. They are concerned about others and are critical of themselves.

10. If your child understand complex concepts: Highly intelligent children have the ability to perceive relationships, understand difficult concepts, and abstract thinking. They’re able to think about solutions for problems, in depth.

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