Fun Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

Fun Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

Are you struggling for inspiration for your wedding cake? Many people want to opt for something stylish but different at the same time. You may not want the same circular tiered cake that your friends had for their big days. The good news is you don’t have to with these fun and alternative wedding cake ideas.

cupcake-towerOpt for a Cupcake Tower

More couples are opting for cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake.

They are much easier to make sure you have something for all and can include different flavours and styles to suit your colour scheme or wedding theme.

There are plenty of places doing cupcakes and affordable stands for them to create your own tower.


cake-ballsA Tower of Cake Balls

If you want to build a traditional tower without the traditional tiers, you could consider a tower of cake balls. These work best if they are all the same flavour but you could do different layers.

This idea if great for decorating as you can do a chocolaty top or make it look like a flowing volcano! Find different ideas to suit your wedding theme.


flower-cakeA Cake of Flowers

When it comes to decorating your cake, flowers are a popular option. Many opt for real or fabric flowers for around the bottom or maybe on different layers, depending on the style of cake you choose.

However, why not make them edible? Make your cake full of edible icing flowers and hide the different tiers under them.


rainbow-cakeA Rainbow Cake

Who said that you have to have a fruit cake? More people are now choosing different flavours and you can take advantage of that by making a rainbow cake.

You have the choice of making the inside of the cake the rainbow or doing it with the icing too. Just think of the different flavours and textures you can get from this idea!


wedding-cakeDifferent Flavoured Tiers

Trying to appease hundreds of guests is difficult. The good news is that you can do it by having different flavoured tiers.

Consider a sponge cake since most enjoy it but try a chocolate layer or even a pineapple upside down layer! You are only stopped by your imagination and preferences in flavours.


french-fanciesOffer French Fancies

If cakes or cupcakes aren’t things you want to offer, why not do small French Fancies? These are great for special favours at your wedding breakfast or as a small piece for your guests to enjoy.

You can also decorate them intricately while cutting down on the costs!


cheese-cakeHave Cheese Cakes

Instead of doing traditional cakes, consider offering a cheese board in the shape of a cake. You can have the different types of cheeses and add as many as you like – or as will fit!

This is a great savoury dessert. The problem is that not all your guests will like cheese so you have to consider this based on the people attending. Have a range of cheeses for everyone to be able to enjoy.


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