Weddings on a Budget: Wedding Invitation Ideas

Weddings on a Budget: Wedding Invitation Ideas

Couples want their wedding to stand out for their guests. They want to be remembered and part of that comes from the wedding invitation. If you are on a tight budget, you may worry about creating a beautiful and unique wedding invitation. Stop right there! Here are some great and affordable options.

wedding-invitation-postcard-brideMake Your Own Wedding Invitations

Who said that you need to hire a company to do them for you? Get creative and make your own.

You could include a photo of the two of you or make them 3D with a few items stuck down.

Doing the invites yourself adds your own personality so they are more likely to stand out for your guests.

wedding-invitationCreate a Story with the Invites

You could use the invites as a way to tell the story of how the groom proposed or how you met. These could be through stick figures so there is no need to get a professional.

Make sure you still include all the wording on one side so your guests know when and where your big day is. At least this gives your guests something to talk about on the day.

wedding-invitation-onlineGet Them Made Through Online Companies

There are plenty of online companies now offering affordable options for your wedding invitations, perfect for budget weddings.

You can put in all your own details and add photos if you wish, without having to spend extra. They look professionally made but for more than half the cost!

Wedding invitation:

wedding-invitation-kitBuy a Wedding Stationary Kit

You could also purchase your own wedding stationary kit, whether online or in store.

These have all the paper, envelopes and patterns that you could possibly need to make your wedding invitations look beautiful; without having to spend an absolute fortune.

You may need a few kits so you can cover all your numbers.


wedding-invitation2Use Photos to Tell the Directions

You don’t have to just write all the directions out for the day (such as the date and time). Use photos to do it. You could take photos of yourself holding up signs or have the information written on a blackboard for people to read.

This is fun, imaginative and will definitely get everyone talking at the wedding. Your invites become more memorable.

wedding-invitation-handmadeMake It a Game for Your Guests

Instead of making the date and time clear, why not use cryptic clues? This is another way to make your invitation memorable and you will easily keep the costs down—you can make them yourself!

Make sure you have the answers somewhere on the invitation for the guests who don’t guess it right!

bride-computerEmail Your Wedding Invitations

With technology, most people have an email address. Save yourself some money by sending out your invite through social media or email.

This makes it easier for them to save the date and means you don’t need to print as many out. There will be a handful of people you need physical wedding invitations for though.

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