How to Ask for a Pay Rise

How to Ask for a Pay Rise

You may have heard that the cost of living is on the rise. The problem is that wages are following suit. If you have been stuck at the same pay level, you may want to think about asking for it to rise. This doesn’t guarantee you something but at least you have tried. The trick is to finding the right time and asking in the right way. Here are some tips to help you.

threaten-warn-fingerDon’t Threaten to Leave

You can’t threaten to leave your workplace if you don’t get your own way. That is not going to help you get the pay rise – most of the time the employer will gladly let you walk out of the door.

If there is the option of another job though, you could mention that. Talk to your employer about your new offer with the salary to see if your current one can match it. If not, at least they weren’t empty threats.

work-business-employerTalk to Your Employer

You need to have a conversation with your boss. This is the best time to find out whether it is a good time to ask for a rise.

You could find out how the business is going and whether the profits are as were expected. If you find out that the money is low, you will know to stay away from the next question for now.

work-smileShow That You Love the Job and Business

Employers are more likely to give a pay rise to someone who wants to be there and will do as much as possible for the company. Show that you are one of those team players.

You could show the things that you have already done to prove that or offer insights on what you will do to make that pay rise worthwhile.

business-tablet-pcJustify the Reason

You will need to have a very good reason for your boss to increase your salary. If you can’t justify your reasons, why should your boss?

Write down everything that you do for the company and why that should mean you get a bit of extra money on top.

Business-Woman-ThinkingThink About Your Sector

The public sector does have a number of limitations on the pay rises available. In fact, you are more likely to succeed in getting a pay rise if you work in the voluntary sector!

Think about where you work and who your employer is to determine whether a pay rise really is a possibility or wishful thinking.

pray-cry-workDon’t Overshoot Your Expectations

You may be happy to hear that your boss is happy and asks you what you are worth. This is a tricky one as it puts the ball back in your court.

It is easy to go high but it is also easy to go too high. You could put the ball back in their court by asking what they would consider as a good pay rise.

ask-money-piggybankAsk Them What You Need to Do

When you’re turned down, ask about your options in the future. What will you need to do to get that pay rise and is it likely in the near future.

This will help you put the effort in and turn that no into a yes the next time.

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