7 Realistic Ways for a Busy Woman to Fight Stress

Women today are busier than ever. While we find joy in just about everything we do, it is inevitable that we also find ourselves stressed-out. Being wives, moms, employees, household managers and more can take a toll on our well-being. It’s important to remember to take time out of our busy days to relax and unwind. Here are some realistic ways for you to beat the stress in your life.

Call a Friend or Other Loved One

Hopefully, you have a friend who is a great listener and can make you smile and laugh. You already know that this person is a blessing to have in your life.

When you’re feeling stressed, give this person a call. Tell them about your day, what’s on your mind or just call to check up on them. Sharing and connecting can do wonders to calm you down and refocus your mind.



Find a Way to Laugh

Laughter truly is the best medicine when it comes to stress! If you’ve ever experienced a good gut-wrenching, long laugh, then you know how much tension it can relieve in your body and mind.

You don’t need to find someone to tell you a joke. The internet is loaded with funny things to make you chuckle. Try watching funny videos or look at photos of bad hair, awkward family photos or pets doing crazy things.

Even if you only crack a smile, you’ll feel a difference in your tension level.

Look at Old Photos

If you have kids, pull out their baby photos and enjoy travelling back to a simpler time.Remember their tiny feet and hands and the way that they smelled.

Look for photos of happy times and lots of smiles. Enjoy how far you’ve come with your kids. You’ve done a great job and deserve to feel good about it.



Get Cozy

Warmth provides a great feeling of comfort. Wrap yourself in a robe or blanket.

Put on a pair of slippers or fuzzy socks. Bundle up and find a quiet place to relax. Warmth is a simple, yet effective way to pamper yourself when you need it.

Escape into a Book

Just five or ten minutes of escaping into a book can detach you enough from your stress to help lower it.

While our daily routines provide structure, escaping into a book gives us a quick and stimulating way to get away from it all, even if it’s just for a few minutes.



Sing in the Shower or Bathtub

We’ve already mentioned how warmth can sooth those frayed nerves, but did you know that singing can also relieve stress?

Imagine how great you’ll feel after a nice, warm shower or bath while you sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs. Don’t worry about your singing voice.

Bathrooms have great acoustics and everyone sounds amazing when they sing in one.

Hug a Pet

Studies have shown that having pets is healthy for any woman. Hug your pet. It can lower stress, blood pressure and just make you feel good inside.

Hopefully at least one of these realistic suggestions for relieving stress appeals to you. Even if you spend just five to ten minutes a day doing something that helps you to decompress and recharge, it can make a huge difference in your stress level.

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