How To Own A Mistake At Work

How To Own A Mistake At Work

Mistakes are common, after all you are human. However, there is a difference between owning up to your work mistakes and avoiding accountability. The way that you handle inevitable work mishaps will say a lot about what type of employee you are and your boss or supervisor will notice this.

If you intend to move ahead in the world of business, you must be accountable and own up to your mistakes. Mistakes at work can happen for a variety of reasons. You might lose an important file, disrespect a fellow employee or forget to complete an important task. Why a mistake occurred is not important, it is how you handle the situation that will stick with your boss. Here are some tips that will be helpful after your next slip-up at work.

work-job-stressAcknowledge The Mistake

Avoidance or failure to own up to the mishap will only lead to more problems. By acknowledging your flaw, you have the ability to keep your credibility and job confidence.

All those around you will notice this mature reaction, to a mistake, in the office. It is a good quality to take responsibility for your actions and accept the consequences without excuses or explanations.

This will make it apparent to all that you understand how your actions affect others. This will give you favor among your boss and fellow employs. Everyone can sympathize with someone that takes ownership and responsibility.

stress-workIs This True For All Mistakes

Some mistakes are greater than others. This will lead to more severe consequences or punishments. In some instances, it may be impossible to keep your job regardless of your admittance of accountability.

However, no matter if you fail to complete an assignment or are caught falsifying expense reports, your only real option is to admit the mistake and try to rectify the situation.

The most common mistakes in the workplace are texting on the job, gossiping, or computer misuse. However, no matter what mistake you make, you should have only one response.

woman-work-home5Repair The Damage

Being sorry and taking ownership of your mistake will only go so far. The real step to fixing the situation, deals with the action that you take. You must repair the damage by taking responsibility and changing your future actions in a positive manner.

If you make a big mistake, you must deal with the consequences in silence. DonÕt try to boycott your punishment or gain sympathy from fellow employees. By simply taking your punishment without rebuttal, the situation can be fixed more quickly.


In the end, it is best to maintain your respectability in the workplace at all costs. Even if you have to endure a harsh punishment, it is better to take ownership of your mishap and maintain your credibility.

In the future, your composure and accountability will be seen as admirable and good qualities. Mistakes happen and they are often times unavoidable, but your actions will speak louder than words.

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