How to Pick the Best Sweater For Cooler Weather

As summer turns into fall, women put away the shorts and tank tops and break out the sweaters. However, sometimes the moths can find the sweaters first, and it is time for a woman to go sweater shopping. Here are some tops on finding the perfect sweater for the cooler autumn weather.

Check the sweater supply:

Before a woman goes sweater shopping, she has to check to see how many sweaters she owns first.

Sweaters can be expensive, and the last thing a woman wants to do is spend money on sweaters that she does not really need.

Examine the fabrics the sweaters are made of:

Some fabrics may look good on a hanger, but when woman tries them on, they are less than flattering.

The best sweaters are made of wool and cotton, and these are the sweaters that tend to last the longest.


Try the sweater on:

Before taking it to the cash register, a woman should take her sweater of choice to the fitting room and try it on to make sure that it is going to make a woman look good and will accentuate the positive features of her body.


Ask a friend to go along:

A woman may not be good at judging whether or not something looks good on her.

A good friend should come along to go sweater shopping, and when a sweater is tried on, the good friend can give an honest opinion about how it fits and looks.


One sweater at a time:

A woman who is trying to build a good sweater wardrobe should only buy one sweater at a time. The reason for buying only one sweater at a time is so she can buy different varieties and different styles.

A woman who buys many sweaters at once will end up having one sweater that is her favorite, and the other sweaters will remain in her closet untouched.


Choose sweaters for every occasion:

In the fall and winter, there are special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. A woman should have a fancy sweater that she wears for a holiday occasion.

Typically, many companies produce sweaters with a lot of pizzazz for Christmas, but there are also more modest styles that are fancy, but does not overdue the Christmas theme.

For Thanksgiving, a sweater made of fancier material like Angora or Cashmere, and will be dressier for Thanksgiving dinner without being too gaudy.

Christmas sweater:

The button up sweater:

Button up sweaters are good for keeping warm, and every woman should have at least one that she can use for the fall and winter. When it comes to the color of the sweater, it should be something that will fit both fall and winter.

Typically, the colors for fall and winter are dark colors like brown, grey, purple, navy blue or black. The button up sweater should be a little bigger than a woman’s normal size because it is being used to go over something else.

The sweater should not be more than one size bigger because if the sweater is too big, it will hang from her frame in a way that will not be very complementary to her body shape.

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