The Truth Behind J. K. Rowling That Could Help You

The Truth Behind J. K. Rowling That Could Help You

Did you know that J.K. Rowling struggled to make a living before the Harry Potter series? She has brought her family up from the bottom to get to where she is now, but there is a lot that is often left out of the media. Learning the truth about Rowling could really help you deal with the darkest parts of your life and know that there could be a good future waiting for you. You never know what is around the corner.

She Suffered from Suicidal Thoughts

Rowling suffered from depression, and still may have bouts of it now and then. When the depression was at its worse, she thought about committing suicide. More people have been there than they would like to admit, and you may be one of them. It is okay to get help for your suicidal thoughts or to prevent your mental illnesses from getting to that point. Getting help lets you get on with your life and succeed.

She Was Told It Would Never Happen

platform-934-hogwarts-harrypotterIt took 12 publishers to finally accept her Harry Potter series. She tried time and time again, just to be told her “children’s stories” would never sell or make her a living. Did she listen to them? Did she get that day job? No!

She continued with her passion until her books were finally picked up. Not everyone will see the success, but it’s a sign that you shouldn’t give up just because someone else says that it isn’t going to happen. However, it is still important to remain realistic, which takes us to the next point.

She’s Accepted She Will Never Reach the Same Heights

Rowling is an extremely realistic author. While she isn’t giving up writing, she accepts that she will never reach the same heights as Harry Potter. This is something that many people struggle with. They reach the heights and then constantly try to beat it.

It’s not worth it. Work at your best, but don’t put yourself under the stress when you know you’ve reached the top. If you know you haven’t reached the top yet, then by all means keep trying!

She Uses Pieces of Her Life in Her Stories

King’s Cross Station in London is extremely important for the author. She used it a lot in Harry Potter but that was because it was an important part of her life.

There are other parts of her stories that are taken from her life in some way. It’s important to use your life as inspiration and focus. You can learn from your mistakes by looking back and aspire to do something better.

She Put Her Family First

Throughout all the struggles and aims to get her books published, she always put her family first. They were her inspiration and her rock in the darker times. Learn from this and put your family first. Ask them for help when you need it and let the good times inspire you for better ones.

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