Make Your Eye Lashes Look Fuller

Mascara helps to make the eye lashers look fuller, but wouldn’t you love that look naturally? Unfortunately, you can’t suddenly make your eye lashes grow to the thickness you prefer, but you can make it look that way. Here are some tips to make your eye lashes look fuller instantly.

Curl Your Eye Lashes

Curling your lashes is a great way to make them look thicker. Think about it. When your hair has some curls to it, it looks thicker and more luxurious. That is exactly the same with the lashes. The curls add shape and definition, which gives them the appearance that they’re thicker.

Comb Your Lashes

Another trick is to comb through your eye lashes. Combing them means that they don’t stick together, so it looks like there are more separate strands.

Really, all you’re doing is showing off what you already have. Try to comb them before and after curling. You’re not going to make them lose their shape, don’t worry about that.

Remove the Excess Mascara

When you pull the wand out of the bottle, you will find that there is a lot more on it than you need. You’re just wasting this and it makes the mascara clump together on your eye lashes.

Wipe the bristles with a tissue first and then gather a small amount of mascara onto the brushes. Now you’re ready to apply it to your eye lashes.

Take a Slow

This isn’t something you want to rush. Think of it as dyeing your hair. You take your time to make sure all the hair is covered.

You want to get from the root to the tip. The same applies to with using mascara. You want to get from the root of the lashes to the tip of them. The application needs to be even the whole way through, to make your lashes look fuller and thicker. Take your time and avoid rushing the job.

Don’t Pump the Bottle

Avoid pumping the bristles in the bottle of mascara. You just need to dip it in and out. Pumping will just lead to a clog up of the bristles and you end up with an excess amount.

The same applies to shaking the bottle. If you have travelled with your mascara and it may have been shaken, wipe the bristles down so they’re fresh to start with.

Try Different Types

There are so many different brands of mascara out there. They’re made differently and work in different ways on your eye lashes. You need to find the ones that work best for you.

It is possible that you’ll find a few that make your eye lashes look great. If you haven’t found the right one yet, don’t worry about it. Keep trying something different when you run out of your current one.

Comb Through Afterwards

Your eye lashes will clump together after applying the mascara. You need to use your comb again to separate them. This also gets rid of any excess mascara on your eyes.

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