6 Tattoo Ideas for Your First Tattoo

Do you want to get a tattoo? If it’s your first, you may be wondering about the best placement or the design that you want. It can be a nerve-wracking thought, especially if you’re worried about the pain. You may want something small that will take less time, but it needs to mean something to you. Here are six great ideas that are easily personalised so they means something special.

Get Your Family Nickname

A deceased family member may have given you a nickname when you were younger. It could be something simply like a shortened version of your name, or you may have been that special, unexpected gift to your parents.

Have a designed created with that nickname in the middle of it. Every time you look at it, you’ll think about that family member and smile.



Star Signs Around the Wrist or Ankle

Star signs are a great way to remember the people close to you.

It could be your children, your parents or even your best friends. There are plenty of ways to design the star signs, and you could join them into a collage on the inside of your wrist or have a band of the signs around your ankle. Make sure you pick the right signs, once the ink is there it costs a fortune to get rid.

Show Off Your Freedom

Did you break away from something in your life? Maybe you escaped something difficult or life threatening? It’s normal to want to show that through art, and a tattoo is a great way to remind yourself of that.

As your first tattoo, you can represent this through birds. They work on your arm, back and even stomach depending on your preferred placement.



The Right Type of Star

Stars make popular tattoos, but you want something that really means something instead of getting a spur of the moment design. The best thing to do is think about the meaning behind the star.

For example, you may get the Star of David to show your faith in the Jewish religion. However, a pentagram is a sign of protection and could be something you want to have placed on your body.

Roman Numerals

Is there a specific year or date that you want to remember? Instead of getting the actual date inked on your skin, consider putting it in Roman numerals.

These work really well on their own or you can have them as part of a design somewhere else. When opting for them on your own, consider the neck, inside of the elbow or wrist.



Your Maiden Name

If you’ve recently married, you may have decided to take your husband’s surname.

By doing this, you’re losing a huge part of who you are. Your maiden name is the name that has defined you for so long. Consider having your maiden name tattooed on your body somewhere. This can be woven into a design quite easily and works on any body part.

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