It’s Time to Stop Losing Everything in Your Home!

Are you one of those girls who put things down and then forget where she put them? Your keys are always where you least expect, and you’re constantly asking people to phone your own mobile to find it. Well, it is time to stop losing things. You can’t always change your memory (you can try but it takes time), so you need to change where you’re putting things to make it easy to find them.

Clips for Your Glasses

Do you have two or three pairs of glasses and sunglasses because you always lose a pair? It’s time to clip them places that you’re most likely going to need them—and make sure they go back there at the end!

Have a visor clip so you can easily keep a pair of sunglasses in the car, or have a clip so you can attach them to your bag.


Have a Drawer Just for Electronics

Losing your charger is annoying. And it’s always when your battery has 1% life left. Instead of constantly looking around for it, put it in a place that is easy to check.

Most people now have a single drawer for all their electronics. You can keep your phone, laptop and tablet chargers all together. This can also be a place to keep your battery charger and anything else you use on a regular basis.

Invest In a Trinket Box

There’s no need to lose your clips, hair ties and grips. You can keep them all together in a small trinket box. If you have a pretty one, you can keep it on your dressing table, so you will always know where it is.

At the end of the night, take your clips out and put them back in the small box. When you’re travelling, buy a box that is just right for travelling with and you will never lose anything again.


Have a Jewellery Box

Earrings are another item that always go missing. It’s time to opt for a jewellery box, and there are plenty available to show off your personal taste and style.

You don’t need a big one, and you could even invest in a small travel one to make sure you don’t lose your earrings or get your chains tangled while you are on the go.

The Universal Remote Control

Most homes have a TV, DVD player and CD player. All of these devices run on their own remotes and you always end up losing one.

Well, it is time to stop losing them all. Invest in a universal remote, so you can control everything with one device. Then you can put that one remote in one spot the whole time. You can also get apps that will turn your tablets or smartphones into remotes.


Organise Your Paperwork

It’s time to keep your paperwork organised. This way you will find the bill when you need it, or lay your hands straight on your back statement.

Get organisers or folders and create a filing system that works just for your needs.

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