Avoid Ingrown Hairs When Shaving Your Legs

Even though women hate it, most of the life is spent shaving the legs. Whether you shave in the bath or the shower, it is possible to spend days over a lifetime doing this job. Shaving not only takes up time but causes the problem of ingrown hairs when you don’t take care of your legs.


Ingrown hairs occur when you pull at the hair and cause them to grow underneath layers of the skin. They often grow at odd angles and they can be painful and cause the skin to become inflamed and red. While you can pull them out, it is best to avoid them altogether.

Switch to Another Hair Removal Method

Arguably, the best way to avoid ingrown hairs is to change your method of hair removal. Epilating and laser removal don’t have the same problems as much. Waxing and plucking do but it isn’t as common as those who shave. The problem is that these other options are either more painful or have other side effects – such as irritating sensitive skin. If you’re not interested in switching from shaving, there are other tips to help avoid the problem of ingrown hairs. It will take a little more time but is worth it to have perfect looking legs.

Loosen Your Hairs Ready for Removal

Get your hairs ready for being removed. You can do this with some warm water and rubbing a wash cloth along your legs in circular movements. When you shave, you are less likely to pull at the hairs and they will be removed from the same level as each other. After you shave, repeat the process on a daily basis. This will help to promote normal growth so the hairs aren’t caught under layers of skin.

Use Warm Water to Keep Your Legs Warm

When your legs are cold, they will be bumpy. This prevents a close shave and makes ingrown hairs more of a problem. This is why so many women shave their legs in the bath since the warm water is readily available. Shaving in the shower is another option but you’ll need to make sure the whole room is warm enough. If you want to do it quickly before going out, fill the bath with some warm water and keep your feet in it. Sit on the edge of the bath while shaving.

Shaving Cream Is Your Best Friend

Invest in some shaving cream for your legs. There are many options that have added moisturising cream. This keeps your hairs soft and prevents them from being pulled. It will also help to prevent bumps appearing on the legs so you get a closer shave. When shaving in the bath, leave it as the last thing you do so you get out after the shaving cream hits the water. Shaving is the easiest method of hair removal but causes the problem of ingrown hairs. By making your hairs ready for removal and getting your skin as smooth as possible, you help to lower the risk and keep your legs looking perfect.

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