Budget Friendly Ways to Handle Acne

Acne is a major problem for many women. It starts in the adolescent years, but can be an issue forever. It’s all due to the hormones and the oil production in the skin.

The problem is doctors will prescribe expensive products to help handle it issue, but you may not have that money. You don’t even need to spend that money with these top budget friend acne tips.

Use Facial Oils for Moisturising

Instead of using moisturising cream for your skin, look into the use of facial oils. There are many options available, whether you use tea tree oil, grape seed oil or many others.

You may be questioning this right now. Isn’t it the oil that causing acne? Well, it’s your natural oil that is blocking your pores. Using facial oil will help to slow down the production of oil in your face, so your pores are not blocked as easily.

Clean and Replace Your Makeup Brushes

Your makeup brushes will collect bacteria and oils from your skin. It starts off being a small amount, but it will eventually lead to causing your acne to get worse.

You need to wash your brushes through on a regular basis; at least once every couple of days if you use them on a daily basis. You should also replace your brushes as they get worn down through continuous use.

Focus on a Healthy Diet

You don’t need to buy all the expensive products from the shops, but eating a healthy and balanced diet is good for you. Cut out the refined products and junk food, and focus on lean meats, vegetables and plenty of fruit.

You should still get some fat in your system, but focus on the monounsaturated or polyunsaturated options, like olive oils and fatty fishes.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your skin needs to remain hydrated. This helps to keep it looking full of life and flushes out most of the bacteria from the body. Drink eight glasses a day on a normal day. If you do exercise or it’s especially hot, make sure you drink more to replace the amount that your body sweats out.

Don’t Forget the Showers

After your workout, always shower. The sweat just gets into your pores and will make your acne worse. You may want to wait until you get home or to the office, and that is fine if you remain in your gym clothes.

If you are going to change before leaving the gym, get a shower. The sweat gets into your clothes and then gets into your pores.

Stop Touching Your Face

Touching your face leads to the oils and dirt from your hands getting into your skin. These just get into the pores and block them. This is what is most likely causing your acne.

The next time you find yourself touching you skin, find something else to do with your hands. You will soon see the natural glow and fewer black or white heads.

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