Get Your Skin Ready for Spring

It may not feel it yet, but spring is almost here—just another month and a bit to go! It’s a milder season compared to winter, so you need to get your skin ready for it. Here are some tips to help you get started without softening it up too much for the still harsh weather. It’s really up to you when you start, but try not to leave it too late.

Exfoliate Your Skin Daily

You should be doing it in the winter anyway, but make sure that exfoliating is at the top of your list for preparing for the spring. You don’t need the extra cells to protect the softer layers of skin. It is time to open those pores and let the fresh air get to them. The fresh air will get into your lower layers, making your skin look and feel healthier and more nutritious.

Get New Sunscreen

You want to use some sunscreen during this time of year. The sun’s intensity is heating up and the rays are still harmful. Check the bottles in the cupboard at the moment to see if they’re still in date.

There are chances they’re not and you need some new stuff. Go out now and stock up ready for the warmer weather. SPF 30 or above is an excellent option and you can get tinted options.

Stop Applying So Much Oil

The oil you used during the winter isn’t needed in the spring. The harsh elements in the air aren’t there to damage and dry out the skin now, so normal oil production will continue.

You may want to slowly ease off the amount you apply as the weather becomes milder—it will not happen overnight!

Nurture Your Cells

After exfoliating, you still need to look after the live cells. There are various skin treatments on the market, but you want to look for those that are nurturing and full of vitamins and minerals. If you can, make your own face masks and cleaning products from fruits and vegetables. Oatmeal added with blueberries or strawberries is a great option to add nutrients to your skin.

Moisturise Your Skin

Don’t forget to moisturise. Just because you don’t need so many oils, doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t need hydrating.

Focus on moisturising creams for the specific body area—for example, don’t use body creams on the face. The ones for the body usually have too many oils for the skin on your face to handle.

Don’t Forget the Water!

You still need to drink plenty of water during the spring months. Water is another way to help the skin get all the moisture is needs, and it will help the rest of the body.

You will likely do more exercise now that the milder weather is coming in and it will be warmer, so you will find your body sweats more. With this in mind, you may need more water on a daily basis.

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