Beauty products still contain dangerous chemicals at times, but nothing as bad as some of the past products. There is now much more knowledge into how chemicals and elements react in the body, and the FDA have clamped down on dangerous products. However, you need to know about the history of beauty and just why it was so dangerous to use various items.

Lysol for the Feminine Hygiene

During the 1920s and 1930s, and even into the 40s, women used Lysol as part of their feminine hygiene routine. All the good wives would wash their downstairs areas out with the chemical and it even worked as birth control. That’s because of the harmful chemicals within it. Lysol is now used for toilet cleaning because of how harmful it is to those germs sitting in there.

Lead-Based Makeup

Queen Elizabeth I was just one prominent woman who used lead-based makeup, but she definitely wasn’t the only one. The lead was used to create the perfect blend for foundation and hid scars and all sorts.

However, you all know now that lead leads to blood poisoning. It’s so dangerous that pencils no longer use lead. Needless to say, Elizabeth I had blood poisoning at the time of her death.

Rely Tampons

Never change your tampon for the whole of your period. That was the idea from Rely and it seemed to suit many women. However, those women—and the world—didn’t quite know the dangers of that.

You know that changing your tampon every eight hours at least is a must to avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome, right? The numbers of people suffering from TSS rose when using Rely Tampons.

Mercury Based Creams

Mercury is another harmful chemical that was—and still is!—used in beauty products. It was usually mixed with lead and helped to lighten the complexion. Stillman’s freckle and bleaching cream is just one of those products that you need to look out for. The mercury content is 12 percent. There’s a reason only thermometers or protected scientists use the liquid metal: it is highly dangerous.

Anti-Mole for Mole Removal

Moles were once considered marks of the devil, so it made sense that people would want to remove them. While more is now understood about them, it doesn’t stop people from wanting to get rid of them. In comes Anti-Mole.

This product contained nitric acid and glacial acetic acid. Both of these are extremely dangerous to the skin. After all, they burn through some metals!

The Quick Fix Diet Products

How many of you have bought diet pills off the internet? How many of you know exactly what is in them and what those ingredients do to your body? The chances are you don’t.

That’s because there is all sorts put into dietary products, and they’re not regulated by anybody. For all you know, you could be eating rat poison to help you throw your food up! Quick fix diet products aren’t safe at all!

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