The Men You Really Need to Avoid

That guy in the bar looked cute, but would he make a good boyfriend? There are certain type of men that do and others that really don’t. In fact, some guys are so toxic that you really need to stay away from them. Here are some of the types of men you really need to avoid.

The Bad Boy

It should be obvious but the bad boy is one of those to definitely stay away from. He likes trouble and he likes getting you into it too—and not all is innocent fun. The downside is that the bad guy can come across as hot; and very hot! If the guy doesn’t get you to break the law with him, he will definitely break your heart. It’s just not worth it.

The Lazy Underachiever

Some guys have big dreams and others have none at all. There are pros and cons to both, but if your guy is that underachiever and always lazy at work, it is bad signs for the relationship.

He won’t be bothered about getting much from the relationship and will get you to do all the hard work; and sometimes it really will seem like hard work. It will get even worse when there are children involved!

The Career Guy

There are downsides to him having big dreams though. It likely makes him the career guy. He’s always at work and constantly pushing himself to be the best.

He never takes a step back to think about his friends and family; and that will include you. You can’t change this type of guy. The best thing you can do is step back and move on. He’ll realise what he’s lost eventually.

The “Lad”

He’s the guy that loves to hang out with his friends and is always one of the lads. Most of the time, he acts that way around you too. These guys flirt with every girl they see and it can lead to some serious trust issues. When you do talk to him about these concerns, he doesn’t take you seriously or decides to leave completely; making you lack trust again! Don’t bother getting yourself into the heartache that is involved with this type of guy.

The Serial Cheat

He’s already got a girlfriend or wife, but wants to be with you. On the grapevine, you’ve heard that he cheated on a previous girlfriend to be with the one he’s with at the moment.

The serial cheater is someone to look out for and avoid as much as you can. There is truth behind the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater.” He has no respect for women in general and you’re not going to change that.

The Complacent Guy

This guy is happy with his current situation, despite how dire it may seem. He will usually live wage to wage, without any plans for saving or getting ready for emergencies.

He may even have bad debt issues. He will just run your finances into the ground.

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