Double Duty: Personal Items to Save Money

Saving money has taken on a whole new meaning with this “improving” economy. Having a few tricks in your makeup bag that can do double duty and safe you some cash and still have you red carpet ready.

There are a few tricks that the pro’s use that you can use too so you do not have to buy a separate make up product.

Petroleum Jelly Is Your Friend

You can buy a jar (almost jug size) of Petroleum Jelly for literally under $5. This wonder tool can really work to your advantage. Never mind double duty this magic ointment can do quadruple duty.

Lips so soft you would not believe! If you want that special sheen that you get from expensive lip gloss use petroleum jelly and get super soft lips that have a lovely shine. The best part it is literally pennies for each use.

Remove makeup! You can use petroleum jelly to remove your eye makeup in one quick swipe. It does not hurt your eyes at all and it can get the toughest mascara off. As an added bonus it leaves your eyelids and around the eyes soft and supple.

Keep your eyebrows in place! A quick swipe of petroleum jelly on your eyebrows can keep your eyebrows in place. Use sparingly though you do not want greasy eyebrows!

Forego the eye shadow and put on a bit of petroleum jelly on your eye lids. This will help you get that all natural look but give your eyes an added shine.

Want that smile to really shine. Beauty pageant contestants and models wipe on a bit of petroleum jelly on their teeth to get them their shiniest.

Great for your feet. If you have dry cracked feet petroleum jelly could be the answer. Soak your feet in hot water and clean them well. Slather on petroleum jelly and cover with socks. Do this every night before bed for a week and you will be amazed at the results. You can also do this with dry chapped hands.



Lipstick as Blush

Lipstick can easily do double duty as blusher and lipstick. Pick a shade that compliments your skin tone dot it on your cheeks and blend it in!

You won’t feel as guilty if you pay a little more for lipstick if you can use it for both bush and your lips.

Deodorant as Shave Cream

This may sound strange but you can use white stick deodorant as shave cream on your under arms and bikini area.

Just roll it on AND rub the razor across the top of the deodorant to get a close shave without any nicks!



Hair Conditioner

You can save on buying shaving cream by using hair conditioner. It has the same moisturizing qualities and will give your legs an even shave to boot!

It is simple enough to simply rub a little hair conditioner into your legs and get busy. It is best to do this in the bath tub!

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