How to Choose the Right Type of Hair Removal

There are many different options when it comes to hair removal. Most women opt for the quickest options such as shaving and waxing. However, have you ever considered epilating? Maybe you could try out laser hair removal. Each one has its own pros and cons but you need to find the one that is best for you. Just because your friend loves one doesn’t mean you have to too!

How Long Do You Want the Hair Removal to Last?

Some forms of hair removal last longer than others. Do you want something that is permanent or are you happy to go through the same process every week or so? Some people only shave when they really need to while others like smooth skin every day of the week.



The Cost of Hair Removal

Are you willing to spend thousands on laser hair removal? Not everyone has that type of money but other forms will end up costing that much over the long term. It may be worth saving up for a more permanent solution. To determine the cost, you need to consider how often you will need to use this option, the cost of the products and the cost of using the electricity (such as for epilating).

What Risks Are Involved?

If you have fair skin, you will be more susceptible to the risks of laser hair removal. Shaving or waxing may be better, less risky options for you. Research the risks involved with each one to see if they’re worth them.



The Time It Takes

All forms of hair removal take time but some more than others. Laser hair removal may take the longest initially but over the long term it will take less – in many cases this is permanent. Other forms of hair removal have to be repeated on a weekly or monthly basis and can lead to spending much more time over the course of your life.

The Problems After Hair Removal

Ingrown hairs are commonly associated with shaving and waxing. Do you really want to deal with these every time you remove your hair? While there are steps that you can take to prevent them from happening, it takes up more time that you may not want to spend on your legs or under your arms.



The Amount of Pain Involved

Some people have a high pain threshold and won’t be turned off by the idea that something could be painful. However, you may have a lower pain threshold. Treatments like waxing, epilating and laser treatments can be extremely painful. Shaving is the only one that is considered pain-free, unless you catch yourself accidentally.

One That You’re Used To

After years of hair removal, you’ve probably already got a favourite. There is a common saying of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. In other words, if you’re happy with your method of hair removal, stick with it. Of course, if you’re not happy with the one that you currently use, start looking into the other options with your needs in mind.

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