Tips to Protect Your Brittle Nails

Brittle nails occur for a number of reasons. For some, it is a hereditary problem while others find it is due to their diet and the way they treat their body. Brittle nails can be painful, depending how they peel, split or break. They are annoying for painting since they can be uneven and cause the nail polish to sit strange. However, you can help your nails and avoid the amount that they are damaged.

Don’t Use Your Fingernails for Tasks

Your fingernails were never created for many of the tasks people use them for. Stop opening your drinks cans with them or for typing at the computer. Your fingers will do these tasks perfectly fine. If you find that your nails get in the way for tasks, shorten them to help. If you want longer nails, you will need to start changing the way you do things.


Use Nail Care Products

Moisturising your hands and nails will help to add moisture and stop your nails from becoming too brittle. This is also great if your brittle nails are a hereditary problem. This will also help your skin remain smooth and help your cuticles look great.

Drink Enough Water

Water isn’t just good for the organs and brain; it’s good for the fingernails too. Your nails need water so that they can grow healthy and remain strong. This is also dependant on the type of water that you drink. Where possible, remove the chemicals and opt for softer or filtered water.


Don’t Use Too Much Nail Polish

Most nail polishes stop the nails from being able to breathe. Instead of trying to hide the state of your nails through different colours, allow your nails to breathe.

Look for Strengthening Nail Polishes

When you decide that nail polishes are required, look for those that are designed for strengthening your nails. You can buy some that are designed as a base coat to help protect your nails from the chemicals in the nail polish. Even if you don’t want colour, there are plenty of clear nail strengtheners around to help benefit them.


Keep Your Nails Filed

Invest in an emery board – a nail file is too hard for brittle nails – and keep your nails filed. Carry one around with you just in case you snag and break them while out. Filing your nails will not only keep them looking great; it also helps to avoid issues with catching your nails and snapping them, even on things like doors. You will also be able to keep them at a length that suits you for your daily tasks.

Use Olive Oil

Keep your nails soft and moist by using olive oil. Put some in a small bowl and just place your nails in it. It only takes about 30 minutes to get the benefit but you should do it on a daily basis. Make sure your nails are fully into the oil – up to the cuticles – so that it reaches the roots and maximises the benefits.

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