Things Your Waxer Has Failed to Tell You

When you want to have your hair removed professionally, you may turn to a waxer. This is great. You pay a small amount of money and all the prepping and cleaning up is done by them. However, there are some things these people keep from you. It’s not to hurt you; in fact, a lot of the time it is to help you.

It’s a Quick Session on Purpose

Waxing is quick for a reason. It’s not because the professionals are fed up with their jobs or want to get rid of you. It’s actually because this is really painful.

They know this and don’t want you to go through all that pain for too long. While making sure they get all the hairs, they will be as quick as possible and it usually means little time to talk.

You’re Not Always Getting the Best Trained Waxer

Waxers come with different skills, knowledge and training. If you really want the best experience, you will need to ask for the best trained option. This can mean waiting and paying extra. You will usually get whoever is available at the time just to get it out of the way.

This doesn’t need someone as highly skilled as a massage. Always ask how long the person has been doing this if you find your regular waxer isn’t there. There is nothing wrong with turning her down and booking another appointment.

They Want You to Clean Up

Having your brows waxed? Make sure you don’t have a runny nose. Having your bikini line done? There is a baby wipe for your use.

The waxers want you to use them but will be too polite to mention it, especially afterwards. Just because you are getting rid of the hair doesn’t mean that it has to be dirty!

Schedule Appointments Closer Together to Ease the Pain

Waxers may not tell you this because you may think they are just trying to get more money out of you.

However, there is a reason to keep your appointments as close together as possible; it makes the pain easier to deal with. When you take longer between them, there is more hair to wax, so it takes longer and the pain lasts for much longer.

There May be Blood

There may be a little blood during your waxing session. This is perfectly normal and something that you should be aware of. Bleeding occurs when the hairs break the blood vessels—and each hair is connected with one.

It’s not a problem with your waxer, the wax or the strips and it’s not something wrong that you’ve done before the session!

They Don’t Know the Temperature of the Wax

Wax has to be at a certain temperature by law. This stops bacteria from building in it. The problem is that the waxers won’t always check the temperature to make sure it is cool enough for you.

If you are worried, you can ask for some to be put on your hand or a drop on your leg to make sure.

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