Tips for Choosing the Perfect Foundation

The foundation is the base for all makeup. Getting it right is important. This can take some time because there are a lot of options to choose between. Do you opt for something lighter or darker? Is cream better than powder? How much should you really spend? Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect foundation for you.

Think About Your Skin Type

Creamy foundations are often full of oil and will make greasy skin look and feel worse. Think about the type of skin you have and read the labels. It is generally best to buy those that are oil free. It is possible to buy cream foundations that have moisturising capabilities. If you are really worried about your skin, opt for moisturising creams that have a hint of foundation instead.

Choosing One for Your Skin Tone

Opting for a dark foundation will not always make you look more tanned. If it is not blended well or is too dark it stands out and makes your face look strange. Opt for shades that are close to your natural skin tone. You can try small amounts in a store with the trial options to see how well they blend. Trial them on your face as it is not necessarily the same tone as your arm!

Covering Up Blemishes

Depending on the type of blemishes you have, medium tones are often better; especially for those with uneven tones. However, if you want to cover up dark patches around the eyes, you should opt for a lighter colour.

Don’t Try with Makeup On

Don’t put any foundation on the day that you trial new types. Eye makeup and lipstick is fine but other foundations will not give you a real idea about the colouring you will get the next time you use it. Some makeup counters will have wipes that you can use but not all do so go ready to try.

Choosing Colours for Your Skin Tone

It is not just about choosing shades; you need to think about the colours. There are usually two options: yellows or pinks. If you have a darker skin tone or a more natural colour, the yellows will be perfect. Those with pinker or lighter colours will need to opt for the pink-based foundations. This makes the colours easier to blend in with your skin.

Use Natural Light to Check It

The stores will be full of light but not natural. To get the best idea if the foundation is right for you, go where there is natural light, whether it is outside or just by a window. You will be able to see if there are sections not blending in well or whether you need to find something less oily.

Invest in Quality

There is no point in buying something cheap. It will not last and is not necessarily going to be good for your skin. Invest your money into quality foundation. This will last longer and cost less in the long run, while being great for your look.

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