Dress Ideas for the Rectangle Shape

If your body doesn’t seem to have a shape – as in it is straight up and down – it can be difficult to find a dress that works. You want to show off your femininity, especially in the summer, but you just don’t feel like you look it. With the right dress ideas, you can create that waistline and give yourself the figure of your dreams within minutes.

Opt for Detail Around the Waist

Dresses that have detail around your waistline are perfect. They add the shape that you need to make you look more feminine.

Avoid dresses with detail lower down as they will not create the look that you want. You can add the detail with a belt if the dress you love doesn’t have something.

Figure Hugging Dresses Can Work

The best thing about having the rectangle shape is that you can get away with figure hugging dresses.

With a belt around the waist, they can quickly add the definition you need to look more feminine and show off your amazing body. Plain and patterned dresses work well.

Halter Neck Lines Show Off the Upper Body

If you have little around your upper body, opt for the halter neckline. This quickly adds something around here and will make your upper body look bigger than your waist.

Another benefit of the halter neckline is that most dresses will have detail around here to also help create a shape.

Opt for Flowing or A-line Dresses

Add more detail to the hips with a-line or flowing dresses. Maxi dresses are great for this but you can do it with most styles.

By adding more around this area, you will increase the width of your hips quickly, which will help them look bigger than your waist, naturally creating the shape of your dreams.

Use Tailored Jackets Over the Top

If it is cool enough to wear a jacket, opt for tailored ones. These are cut to stop around the waistline, which helps to draw the attention there.

Your waist will look much smaller while adding a little more width to your shoulders. Tailored jackets are also a great way to look more feminine as they create a shape the whole way down your upper body.

Wear Patterns and Colour

The trick is to make your figure look more feminine while creating a shape. One of the easiest ways to do that is through patterns and colour.

This will also help you create a more summery look! However, when wearing patterns, avoid strips, especially vertical ones; these just make you look taller, straighter and more boyish.

Wear a Darker Bottom Half

Look out for dresses that have a darker bottom half than top half. This will help you create more definition.

If you can’t find a dress, you may want to opt for a top and skirt but tuck the top into your skirt to help create the waistline. Many celebrities, like Nicole Kidman, opt for this look to help add definition to their rectangle shape.

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