Ways You Don’t Know You’re Aging Your Skin

Women know what to do to keep their skin as healthy as possible, right? They avoid the sun, wear sunscreen, get facials and moisturize day and night. Unfortunately, that’s just not enough!

You are what You Eat… and don’t Eat

When you don’t eat, you keep valuable vitamins and minerals away from your skin and that takes its toll. The few pounds you’re trying to shed aren’t worth bad elasticity and wrinkles.

Eat regularly and make healthy choices. Walk or run an extra mile for those stubborn pounds instead of skipping a meal.


Adopt a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Every woman loves a treat now and then but when we indulge a little too much, we tend to go on a crash diet until we’re back where we want to be.

That’s bad for your skin! If you’re putting on a few pounds and then taking it off over and over again, the fibers in your skin aren’t going to stay elastic forever. Dieting ups and downs can create sagging and stretch marks.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Make sure you’re getting to bed early enough so you can sleep for a full eight-hours. Sleep actually helps to improve the look of skin while you sleep as your body refreshes itself throughout the night.

Women who don’t get enough sleep show it most in their skin through clogged pores and a dull complexion. You’ll feel more rested and refreshed with plenty of sleep, too. How you feel reflects in the glow of your skin.


Drop the Caffeine from your Diet

Caffeine can dry out your skin. The next time you reach for your grande latte or favorite bag of tea, remember that those few minutes of caffeine enjoyment could lead to a lifetime of dried-out, wrinkled skin.

Grab water instead.
It’s better for the rest of your body, too.

Stick with Water

Skincare experts can’t stress enough how drinking plenty of water is a key element to maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

Women who don’t drink enough water show it with rough and stretched skin.


Hydrate your Lips

The older a woman gets, she’ll often notice that her lipstick doesn’t stay on her lips quite like it used to. There’s a new “feathering” effect due to tiny wrinkles around her mouth.

The right lipstick can make all the difference in the way your lips look and feel. When you shop for your next tube of your favorite shade, make sure it contains glycerine, dimethicone and petrolatum.

These ingredients do wonders to keep your lips healthy and hydrated.

Turn that Frown Upside Down

Keeping those lips moisturized just isn’t enough. You can actually be adding wrinkles to your mouth just by frowning.

Be conscious of how your mouth is positioned throughout the day. It may surprise you how often the corners of your mouth are turned down.

Keep a smile on your face to prevent frown lines from forming.


Go Natural

Now that you’ve got your skin set to look vibrant and refreshed, ditch the makeup and show the world how good you look!

Not only do you get to show off your youthful glow, but you’re doing more to keep your skin young and healthy by allowing your pores to breathe.

Your skin will thank you by staying softer and smoother longer.

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