Why Lemon Is Perfect for Your Beauty Routine

Have you ever wondered why certain natural ingredients are always used in beauty products? Lemon is one of them. You hear it is great for the hair, the skin and even the nails. But why is that the case? Well, here are six reasons to use lemon within your beauty routine.

It’s Completely Affordable for All

Beauty products cost a fortune. It’s normal to look for something that you can easily afford, without having to really stretch your budget. Lemon is just the thing.

The ingredient costs just a few cents from the greengrocers, and you can pick up two, three or more at a time. Some supermarkets even sell them in bulk similarly to oranges.


They Have Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for the health and skin. It helps to fight off cold and flu, while protecting the skin against aging. The problem is the body cannot create or store it.

Lemon is full of it, along with limes and oranges. By adding one lemon to your beauty routine, you will make sure you get a good dose of vitamin C on a daily basis.

Repair Skin Damage

Other ingredients within lemons work together to help fight against skin damage. This is great for those with sunburn, wrinkles, dry skin and acne.

The juice from a lemon can be applied directly to the skin, and is great when mixed with sugar to exfoliate the skin and open the pores. Removing the dead layers of skin promotes the newer layers underneath, helping to repair some of the damage.


The Acid Cleans Deep

Lemon is popular for cleaning kitchen counter tops because of the deep cleaning properties.

This is the same for the skin. The acid helps to get into the pores and will give the whole skin a deep clean. It also works for the hair and the nails to get rid of all the dirt and grime that has built up over time. Your skin will look brighter and shinier than ever, and your hair and nails healthy.

Fresh Scent Left Over

Many people worry about the scent their beauty products leave. Lemons are fresh and smell great, so you are left smelling like the summer months all year around. There is nothing better than not having to worry about how you smell just after you’ve washed.

It will also taste good for those who have a habit of putting their hands in their mouths. There is a slightly bitter taste, which can help to prevent the nail biting, if that is an issue.


Helps to Sooth the Scalp

Itchy and dry scalps are irritable and annoying.

They can also lead to dandruff, which looks unsightly. The good news is that lemons can work well with other natural ingredients to create a great smelling, effective treatment. Mixed with some olive oil, the lemon will get deep into the scalp and improve the natural oil production. This then leads to luxurious looking hair.

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