Saving Time While at the Hair Salon

You most probably think of every visit to the hairdresser’s as time-consuming and, in the worst-case scenario, as a waste of time. Yet the hours spent at the hair salon can be proven extremely valuable in helping you relax, detox, reboot and reorganize yourself.

There are many more things to do there, besides charging your batteries and devices, drinking a cup of green tea and watching your hair become their best. Bring with you items that can educate, entertain and beautify you. Plan your visit ahead and set up a list of to-dos during your session. With proper portable equipment, make this busy public space be homey and convenient for you!

Hair Stylist ReadingBooks, Audiobooks & Magazines

In between hairwash, haircut and blowdry, do some useful reading. There are things you would wish to read, and the hour you spend confined into a chair under a steam machine having your strands covered with dye and foils seems to be the perfect moment for study.

Carry with you your favourite books or magazines, a player full of interesting audiobooks and noise-cancelling headphones for you to focus even more. Audiobooks are a hands-free choice in case you are combining your hair treatment with a manicure session!

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