Your Beauty Routine for Dry Hair

Is your hair dry, brittle or damaged? Whatever you call it, it definitely needs repair! Frizzy, coarse hair is not pleasant to touch and never easy to style. It’s your constant nightmare, which gets even worse with extreme weather conditions.

You need to understand that your hair type is a high-maintenance one, but also realise that dryness is often a temporary condition caused by bad habits and marginal hair care. Let’s focus on the issues involved and remedy them one by one!

Salon Long Hair

Things to Avoid

Sun exposure is a major cause of damage, which can be lessened by adopting a hat and SPF products that act as a protective shield. Freezing cold is another enemy you can fight over with the use of a specialist balm. Frequent blowdrying and curl-ironing are your worst habit, and it’s time to counterbalance their effects with heat protectants or air dry options.

Overly processed or chemically treated hair suffers the most. Discolouring tortures your hair and you really need strong treatments to restore it. Washing your hair daily causes further strain and you will soon understand that you don’t need to do it that often.

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